Thanks giving Speech to teachers.

Last Saturday we had a parents teacher meeting in the school and just after that we the students of class 11 Science and commerce had organised a thanks giving tea party to those teachers who have helped us in our journey of success. Again these year I was the one to deliver the speech to the teachers, and here is the speech.

"First of all I would like to thank you all for being with us here in a small tea party that we have organised for all of you who have helped us in every way possible, from the first day of school till the end. You all were the one who made us realize that the mistake we have made is next step to success not a failure.

To all of you here who have taught us and also to those who have not it does not matter becasue inorder to shape our future there is not only the hand of teachers who taught us but also the hand of those who made a difference by not teaching us.

A cup of tea and some number of cookies are not worth the help that you have provided us with but its a moment that we wanted to enjoy with you all here so that you all will know that, your help and guidance is not forgettable and we the students will remember you all throughout our life. Thank You and enjoy the party."

All in one, and THANK YOU! Teachers.

These is the part of my life that I will never forget not because I did not liked it, rather it's because I really loved it and I want it to be same throughout. From the homework that we are assigned, notes that we have to write and apart from that we do have to study too. So how are we managing the time? That is the big question in my head always asking me how are you managing it? We all should think about it too.

These days if I come early to my house after the end of the school then it's always around 5:00 or sometimes 5:30 PM. What do I do in the school right? It's not that hard to be answered, because these days it the busiest day in the school as all the ball games, indoor games and field events are being played. Being a senior in the house that we are divided in, I am appointed as assistant captain, not only that I was asked to be an official who have to look after chess game every day till it comes to an end. That is why I am late.

Every Wednesday we are having club activities in the last period and even in the club being the old member and a learned students about the resources used in club, I am appointed captain there also,so every week I have to prepare for the club like a lesson plan that is prepared by a teacher before going it the class, that is because all the other members new and those who are interested.

When ever there is a problem with computers of school lab or my friends I asked them to inform me and let me see before going to the town and paying there to fix it because if I knew I would help them. Apart from having so many things to do, learn and all those responsibilities, I asked for that work, because that is the main field that I am interested in so no matter what ever the problem is with the computer I happen to fix them all most of the time.

That is all with the things that I do at school and the reason for reaching home late. At home everyday I complete all the notes that we have to write and my homework no matter what the quantity is because I don't like sleeping without completing the task that I are assigned to do. In the case of revising the text book I don't get much time so what I do is I read subject books like Dzongkha, English, biology and in two subject which is bit harder compared to other subject that is Chemistry and Physic, so instead of reading I browse internet and watch the videos on those topic that we have learned, from KhanAcademy. Not only that even in biology and English I do some research and if I find videos related to Biology than I do watch them.

Now a days I asked the Editorial of Student Digest that I want to write an article in the upcoming issues so with all those work and task that I am doing right now I am even working in that. Some might be thinking that when I am doing those things I might not be getting enough or a good time to sleep but I would say, that, it is totally incorrect because I do get enough time to sleep.

These is a post where it looks like I am telling my parents reason for being late at home but after reading these post I want all the students reading these to be aware of how to  manage your time because if you don't know how to then that is going to cause you lots of problems. Other then that, to the parents when ever your child is late from school try to understand that he or she might not be always playing and staying with no work or working home late, because they might have had a work in the school or some task that they thought of doing in the school itself. Lastly I am very thankful to all the teachers who are teaching and leading us the students in a right track.

Improvement is what all that matters.....

I don't really remember what I was up to last year as I was doing wrong in all the thing that I have to do. But these year things have been changing for me. If you all are questioning how is that then the answer is. From the starting day of my school I was given a responsibility to run a club, another was I was appointed as the class captain and lastly house assistant captain. Here I am not showing that I am a captain as many of the people now a days have that kind of perception.

I am not saying that what people are thinking is wrong but I want to tell all those people around me that I am changing and the regards goes to all the teachers of Bajothang Higher Secondary School who thought that I can do better and gave me the responsibility in many things that I was really interested in.

These year I learned that its not only the teachers that matters in all the right and wrong things that we the students do. But the one that matters is the students and we are the one who should think twice in what ever things that we try to do and also those things that we are planning to do. Last year I was like an uneducated student who always blamed others like friends, parents, teachers and those people who advised me but I was wrong it was all my mistake and I was a jerk who not not willing to except the mistake.

About the last post of mine where I said that I was drinking for the last time really helped me because again last week in Losar same incident happened where my friends forced me to drink but hopefully I was able to ignore them without hurting their feeling and I did nothing wrong there.

As I am improving from every angle of my life I noticed that we the people are born to do or be somebody in life, I was also born to be someone so I will be.

Remember readers "Yesterday was past, tomorrow is future and today is gift, that is why we called it present." Don't do anything wrong intentionally rather try to do some new things every day and make that day one of the memorable in your life.
And Lastly "Mistakes and failures are the bridge that connects you to the Success and more opportunity in life.......