Pic in the class.

While duruing the time when we are left free in the class it's not that we talk and make unnecessary noice rather we talk about job and bad things that we have done in the past because that is what we think makes us look cool. Just got some pic today that you all may like the one that was made duruing one of our free period given by our math teacher.


Farewell speech for TP teachers.

Like a saying goes a drop of water makes a mity ocean you teacher each of you will be each drop of our ocean. It is not only these year but these happens every year a new teacher comes teach us for a while and leaves us because that is how it is meant to be. But today we are celebrating you dear teachers farewell but not because we are happy, but its because we want to remember you after leaving these school and particularly our class as our subject teacher. I and some no of other std who had dropped bio though were not there in your class but we too enjoyed a moment with you which made us go back to the times when we were also in our friends position. We don't want to forget you all and also we don't want you to forget us. The knowledge that we gained from your teaching is going to be very precious because that is like a most precious piece of the puzzle that makes the whole game incomplete if its missing. Sir on behave of my class would like to wish you all a very same journey and also best of Luck  in the work that you will be doing from now on and also we wish you to be our teacher in future even though we have only one year left. 

Thank you and we had a great time.

Krishna Arstami a ceremony held by PHPA in lobesa.

When I was playing a game in my house my mom came to me and asked me to get dressed up as we were going to lobesa which was about 10 Km towards Thimphu from Wangdue. I had no idea what it was all about but on the way I asked her what was it then she said that it was Krishna Arstami and there is going to be some holy ceremony there. Though I was not interested in it I had to go to make my mom feel happy. I was there walking after mom with my little brother who was also not that much interested in such kind of ceremony. So asking my dad to leave a phone with us me and my brother stayed outside. When I was there I found it very depressing when I could see the lower ranked employers were standing outside and looking in with so much of desire to enter the room as I could see In their eye how much faith they had in religion. So sad but interesting thing was I got a chance to talk with the Managing director of PHPA and also with his friends. When I was having a conservation with them he told me that he in in that post today because of his effort and also because it was his dream to be someone great in future and he worked towards it and now finally he was happy because of who he is today.Looking at his life from my point of view I too felt very happy seeing what we desired was fulfilled and what we worked towards was accomplished.

Guys we need to work hard.

Good progress.

As far as I know I can say that Mr Passang a teacher of BajothangHSS is one of the well known blogger and also a good teacher. When the Rigsum firstly released Shering collection he was also there to attend the meeting. But before that in the school he was leading a club that particularly focused on inspiring other teachers and students to make good use of technology in their teaching. So when he was back to school from capital he shared his view with us, his club member. When he was sharing his view we were really inspired by the work that Rigsum was doing so we started to be like one of them. When sir Boaz Shmueli visit to our school duruing the Book Fair with his fiancĂ© who was both on the same tour that was to show the teachers around the country who will be there to buy a book in the book fair. From that day on our club member was divided into groups with each subject provided to make a video, like Mr Khan the creator of Khan Academy did. Our clubs first video that I made was uploaded on the web to inspire educational orginasation but it seemed that, that video made no difference. Next all the club member were asked to create a blog each so did we, and from that, we started to make audio books and collected as many exam papers of different grade as we can from differnent school and finally reached in making a question bank that was distributed in the school. But today I would say that our progress is really going fluently because three of our club member from grade 12 who have been studing HTML and  now Java Script finally came up with a offline page like Khan Academy's one that was avaliable in the sherig collection provided by Rigsum.

MOM and DAD was happy!

After many years of sorrow now I finally see my parents happy but how? While on 3th of August there was an inter-class essay competition that was held where 1 student from each class was allowed to participate and I was the one from our class. I never thought that these was going to be so great for me as it was two years ago when I was in grade 8th that I went up near the podeam in some special day to receive a award and after I finished my 8th grade I had not been up there near that podeam for any award ceremony. Other than that in home and also in school, I was becoming naughty by doing wrong things. Apart from the schools schedule, particularly in my home I have hurt my parents so much that its going to be the most-worst memory of my teenage time in my life.

 I had broken many promises that I made with my parents and once i even ran away from the house proving my parents wrong not knowing what their love really was. But yesterday when I was there like usual in the assembly ground sitting with my friends clapping for the winners of the essay and debate competitor I was very  happy to hear my name in second position of essay competition. Before standing up I had a thought of my past when i use to go for reciving my award, and my heart started pumping even louder and quicker then usual which had never happened before. I thought that was because I have not been doing these for a while. After that I walked towards the podeam and received my award from our Vice Principal shaking hand with him.Then after the award ceremony I was there in the class talking with friends but that day it was not like other day because no one was happy with me as I could easily make it out from their expression. I thought it might be because I am working hard, so I leted it go thinking its okay these was just a starting. That day there was only one friend of mine who congrulated me for my victory and that was a girl too with whom I don't communicate so often, is it that I should have been congrulated by all of them? may be no because they already knew I was the winner. 

Duruing the interval one of my grade mate came to me and asked in a very harsh language asking me to open the prize that I was given with the certificate, I disagreed with him saying I want to show that to my parents as they will love to see such kind of thing from their son who was once very bad. After school I walked home straightly not even attending the prayer as I was very much excited to see happy face of my parents after 2 and a half year. I reached home took out the certificate and showed it first to my mom who was there in the shop, when I walked towards her, she noticed me coming with something hidden on my back, so she asked me what was it that i was hiding? so i showed her the award with the prize and when she saw that.....HER FACE TURNED VERY RED AND CONTROLLING HER TEARS SHE JUST SMILED AND SAID MY SON I LOVE YOU AND DO KEEP ME HAPPY LIKE TODAY EVER AFTER..... That was the most interesting thing and also a happy moment that I would always love to experience in my life from now on. And it's going to happen that way.

So guys if you think your parents are not happy with you better look for a place in which they will be happy with you and work hard as said, Harder You Work Luckier You Will Be!

But today it was all diffetrent in the school because I was not there in the prayer we were punished which really made me vey upset and also it was of no use explaining these to them because from the very first moment they frightened us by carrying a pipe as if they were going to kill us...

Inspires Me...!

I have watched many movies but the type if movies that I watch is either love story or a action movie. When I watch a movie at times I feel like becoming one of the actor not like them just in a movie but in reality. DON 2 a Bollyhood movie, I had already watched it but today it was my second time watching with my brother. Though there is nothing to do with him I was really inspired by e way one of the actor who hacked the master CPU of worlds best security system. I know it was not done in real but that happen to make me feel like being one like him. I am saying these because I love technology and on the other part I am also good at it. When ever I watch a movie of these kind I am always being inspired by such technological part if the movie. Exactly a about 3 week ago I watched 3 Idiots that's also a Bollyhood movie and in that movie I was mostly inspired by the main character who is Amir Khan. The way he did all the things related to engineering and also I feel like receiving the award of Student of the year that is going to happen when I reach my collage life. What ever it is there is always one part of me that says the things that happen in movies will not really be true in our real life. Apart from that when I am aware of my brother watching such movie I want him to get inspired but it but not from the bad side of it. While I also studied a book called You Can Win written by Shiv Khera where he wrote a story which tells us "We don't see the world the way they are, rather we see world the way we are" nicely said. So I recall these saying when worrying about my brother and take into consideration that he is a good guy.

I love you mother!

While not only my mother It happened to me that I noticed that almost everybody's mother do love maintaining garden or planting a flower where ever they stay. It was a week ago when my mother left for shopping leaving only me and my father and my brother alone in the house. Our mother also loved the flowers too much that she warned all three of us that if we happened to make any harm to it she will kill us. As she left for the shopping there was no one to clean the house in particular though I any my brother lived most of the time we were lazy and we stayed in the house all the time playing PC games. When mom returned from the shopping she firstly noticed how much dirty and untidy the house was and after that she found out that the flower kind of plant that she kept in her bed room was tilted towards windows and she directly charged dad asking how that happened not knowing that flowers will grow in the direction of the light if they are kept in a dark place where there is no sun light. But instead of letting their quarrel lead to fight that I guessed of I went over to them and had to explain my mom that it was because of light. After that only she stayed calm. Nor misconception might have resulted in a bad result.

So guys always explain the things before people talk about it so that there won't be any mis understanding....

Country life with Howling.

Bhutan GMT +6:00 August 18th 2013 while that was yesterday and it was a full moon night. When I was is grade 9 I we studied a novel named Dawa, Story if a Stray Dog in Bhutan in which the main character Dawa is a dog and his main capability is in howling and he leads the howling pack in two of the country's town that is Paro and Thimphu. There it says that its kind of natural or they have to do it like its their culture and that was to howl on the full moon night. When I was reading that story I did not at all believed in it but guess what I feel like now I believe in it because yesterday when I was writing my chemistry notes I was not able to concentrate in it, guess why it was because the dogs were making such a noice that my brother who never wake up in his sleep also waked up and asked me brother was that my dream. When I asked him what was it? He said I was there writing something and there was huge number if dogs howling so loudly that whole buildings people were frightened at the dogs behavior. When I said that it was real he could not believe in me and looked out of the window and saw as same as it was in his dream.

For me that was the first time in my life until now that I have seen such a worst behavior of dogs, I would also say that I had not seen these kind of incidents even in a movie too.

It's a dream...

While I am a normal person but its unbelievable that my dream is very big. It's just that my desire are my dream so I can't really say what all i want and wish to become in my future. But the problem I got is i don't really trust my future, the very reason is because I am not so sure if what it is going to be as I change my mind every minute. I see many people saying that they want to be a doctor, engineer, piolet, teacher and business man or women, ectera...

But mine is simple for me I think, the reason is I just want to become a computer engineer thinking of doing corse in three field of it and that is software designing, hardware engineer and chip designing that's it. It's not that big though and apart from these I want to drive a expensive car of my choice that would probably be a Lamborgini, Hummer, Ferrari, BMW, or Mercedes, one from the list haha...
That was about the vehicle and in case of my house I want to have a personal land and build a good looking two stored building which is going to be computerized.
Apart from that I also want to marry a good looking women and also good by heart. Two kids a son and a daughter. I also want to keep my parents with me and want to raise them from the time I get into a job. When every thing is settled i want to travel around the world with my family including parents and my brother, taking my parents to the place that they always dreamed of going but was unable to.
That us not the end I would say because I have not yet started to work towards it. So the very first thing that I have to do to fullfill my desire or to make my dream come true I have to study so hard from now on wards nor I won't be able to do any thing for my dream.
I was once told by my mom that when ever you have a dream it's best not to keep them on our head because we will forget, so what we have to do is to keep our dreams in front of our eye so that we will always see and'll never forget it.
So what ever we do in life the very first thing that we need to do is to plan about what we are going to do and next is to work on it. When we are working on our dream sometime it so happen that we fail to accomplish our dream I would say why that happen us because on our way of working towards we if we happen to change our plan than that is the point where everything gets changed. So we should always remember that when ever we do, or work on something else we should never try to change the plan that was made before starting the task....