Life is all about Change.

No matter what we do there is always something that we are unaware of which we will come to know after we finish doing the work or either in the future by looking at the past. Since my last post I have been thinking about what life really is? And the answer that I got was nothing.

I tried looking for answer by posting the same question in Facebook, there I got one very interesting answer which says that we start living life with lots of desire and as we continue to live on, we come to know that happiness is more important than all other things, on realizing that, that will be the time from which we start living life looking for happiness no matter how big or small the thing is, which I considered as the best answer thinking it actually defined life as a whole relating to all the human being.

Asking this question to myself I sometime get a feeling that am I not too young to ask such questions? Few days ago I was helping my neighbor in decorating his hotel when one of the well known business man, of Bajo town known as Gajey, came in the hotel with one lama and another an aged person. Looking at him I got a strange feeling, as I knew him and all his past. That he was once a driver in PWD, at that time he started doing business by selling scrap, and now he is one of the riches man in the town! Here, is it hard work? Patience? Or what really is it? Life? At that time I had no clue what really it was.

Apart from that I still remember the first day when I went to school crying in front of the school gate as my mother was asking me to enter the school without her. And few months back she was with me in the school to get my result of my Mid-term exam, which was actually the last of my school life. Other than that I remembered all those time when I was in different grades wondering when will I reach class 8,10 and 12 and so on. After reaching each grade I was like Oh! I use to think like that and now it feels like nothing and even in that time wondering about the higher grades.

After all these years of schooling I have reached my final grade of high school which I will be graduating after few months and looking back I feel like till date I have done nothing which would make others remember me even if I happen to die. Was my life worth it? Thinking about such things it makes me feel like I have wasted all those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

We need to look back at our past, think about it and make a difference at present, so that we don’t have to regret by looking back to our past in future.

Think Wisely. 

Please consider if there is any mistake, as we all know that we learn through that.
Thank You.

Network and Price.

People say that they love both the Network provider i.e Bmobile and Tashicell but I wonder why? I even had a courage to ask some of the people and the

Do they really charge you that less? While from my point of view I would say that no it's not that less compared to other countries and if you all don't believe in me then try to do research on the rate that is charged for the people using Internet in India and the offer that they give to their customers.

Next thing is right now all around the country the phone should have 3G frequency of 850Mz which can be found in only those phones that will cost you large amount of money except for some and the frequency is also different in Paro and Phuentsholing so we have to think about it.
y were saying that it's because they have 3G available almost all around the country and the cost that they are charged is cheap on the other hand.

Next to these right now most of the people around the country are middle class and not all of them can afford phones which is expensive so why not the network provider think about that and change the frequency to 900Mz so that almost all the phones that supports 3G in India will be able to support it here in Bhutan also.

And what I have learned learned about the different frequency of the network is that if the frequency is higher then it will cover less area but more users will be able to access the Internet. I don't know what is the plan of our Network provider but I would like to suggest they take note of these very strongly. And I know that it will cost them high but here its about making the customers happy, as the motto of the Bmobile itself is Always there for you so why can't you all be there for us always and everywhere. And Tashicell, Keep in touch: if you all can do that then I would say that we will really be able to keep in touch will our dear ones easily and almost most frequently.

Apart from all these I want to make it clear that I don't have any offense or bad feelings to any one rather I am just trying to share what I think is right.

These is Everything.

"What you know is not enough to address yourself as a HACKER," these is what my uncle told me when he heard some of my friends call me as HACKER. I was not happy at that moment by hearing that but that 12 word sentence made me wonder why said that to me. After giving thousand thoughts about that I came to know that no matter what you are and who you are you will never be able to learn everything because learning never ends like Sir Albert Einstein clearly stated that What ever he have learned in all of his life was not a Bucket of water and there were still Ocean full water that he was not aware of.

Today I want to confess one thing that is being a student whose parents is middle class and I don't get enough cash to recharge my internet's account on daily basis neither on weekly basis. I had no other option as I was almost always in need of internet access in my home so what I did was bored some cash from Mom and Dad saying I want to eat fast food and I use to go to internet cafe get their username and password and connect it at my home using that ID. But now I can't do that either because B-mobile have started a service by which I cannot anymore use others internet ID at my home so no more internet.

Since I could do that I considered myself as a hacker and there are lots of other thing that I know about technology though I never took any course but because of my interest in it. What I knew about computers was enough for kids of my age to call me as a hacker. But today I came to know that that was not it.

What you know is not that enough to fill a bucket of water so learn as much as you CAN...!

Decent Success.

It has been almost three years since I have not passed any exam and even last year after repeating 11th grade for second time I got C.P which is termed Consider Pass. That was funny because before my failure I was a topper. While on saying that I am concerned that most of you may think that I am saying it in order not to feel proud but thats not the thing.

Still then tomorrow I have an exam of NIIT and computer being my favourite subject I am confident that I can get through it. But on the other hand these year I have the bigger plan and hopes,same with that people want to see my progress so do you all have any idea what I am going to do?

While the thing is I just want to score pass mark not more than that and even if I can score more than required mark to pass I wont score more than 50. The reason is simple first I want to learn to pass and lose the fair of failing and after that it's time to top whatever the level is.

"Change is the best phenomenon of all Time"
-Chidananda Acharya


Sorry reader I am not in that mood of writing about My theory of Everything part 2 as my dad had an accident recently and I got to learn so many things about people staying in and around our us. Yesterday as usual I came home without attending the agriculture. I had some kind of odd feeling so I had no interest of staying there when the school was over. When I reached home I found out that the door was locked.

I asked my neighbour and he told me that he have the key and gave it me, I asked him whether he had any idea where my mom has been because as usual I thought dad would be at duty. He told me that she went some were and that was it. I went inside the house and saw all the lights were on and the house was in total mess. On seeing that I was worried so I picked up my phone and made a call to my mom when she said that she is going to a place named PACHKILO which is 5 Km away from the town and I asked her why while the news was shocking.

She told me that dad had an accident and she had admitted him in the hospital and she is going there to do things that she can with the car. As soon as I heard that I changed the dress and ran to the hospital and saw that dad was lying on a stretcher with bandaged over his head. On seeing him I was happy as he had no serious injuries so I stayed there for some time. After a while the doctor discharged him so I brought him back home.

Shocking Part was when I heard what actually happened after the accident. Dad's car had gone about 100m below the road and he was lucky to have no serious injuries and on top of that he somehow managed to walk and come in the road to ask for lift but no not all the people are good. Non of them helped him and at last one of the indian who worked in LNT gave him a lift and brought him hospital.

And today me and my brother went to the school, dad was taking rest and mom she went to bring the car back home but the problem was non helped her. Apart from that dad works in PHPA and she called some the the officials not sure whether it was in the office or some other place but she was fooled by one of the person saying that the crane had left, again after a while on calling back he said that it will reach there within a minute but at last there was two people came in a truck and took the picture of the car and send it to the one who was talking with mom the first time. After that the person called her and told her that that cannot be done with the bigger crane and even the smaller crane will not reach that down.

So here if he had to see where the car was why make a women talk here and there and make her wait in the dust of that high way between Wangdue and PHPA I dam and that too a single women? Not only that she have been taking fast every Friday that that too was today, but here I can understand that the person who fooled her did not knew these but I am sure that tomorrow I will also go there and see if there is any parts missing and if there is any then am not gonna let that person who fooled her lice that happily or I will make him pay for those parts because that is because of him.

Consider if there is any mistake.

My theory of everything (Part II).

What is it like to be in 12th grade after 13 years of schooling, is different for most of us. For some it's just to get into the collage that they have dreamed of going to but for some it means a lot. No matter what you do what you think of, 12th is not a joke. It decides what you are going to do the rest of your life apart from getting into the most renowned collage.

From the first day to the school most of us have been asked by numbers of teachers, friends and other people what is your ambition and our response was simple i.e Doctor, engineer, teacher and for some they never had an ambition rather they only wanted a simple job so that they can stay in their feet and help their parents when they grow up and live rest of the time happily.

How many of you adult who is reading these post right now have really thought about it when you were in 12th grade? How you preform in 12th grade defines whether you want to be a successful person in the future or loiter in the street searching for food or stay depended on parents for the rest of your life? If you all think that your parents money and property is enough then thats a shame on you because it would have been better for you if you have not been to school if your were thinking that your parents property would be enough for you and on top of that you won't last long because you will not know the pain that they have gone through while earning all those things.

Apart from all this think about the exam that you are going to attend in 12th grade its only going to last for 3 hours and that defines what you have learned in 12th grade but in the class when you are studying about the exam, that time you have to use all those knowledge that you have acquired till that moment from the first day to school. Still now if there is some of you thinking that exam is not right then better piss off because you have learned nothing. It's matter of time that you come to understand such thing.

Life is a journey that you walk each day and that defines what you are going to do the next day so it does not depend in faith rather is all about what you have done the previous day defines what happens the next day.

Please consider if there is any mistake.

My Theory Of Everything (Part I).

Few days back when I was at school there was no teacher in one of the class, at the same time I had no work to be done as all of my assignment was up to date and the only thing that I could do at that time was to revise which I don’t like doing in the class and the other thing was I had 50 minutes to think, chat or sleep in the class. I chose to think and that too was about my school life, at present I am in 12th grade and I was going back to the time when I got admitted in the school which was about 14 years back as I repeated in 11th grade.

During that time I realised that time have passed so fast that now when I am thinking about all those things that I have done then there is only one thing that I have been doing regularly and that too was passing in each of the grades. I started my first day at school from grade PP which is 1 year lower then grade 1, which everyone does and now I am in the final year of my school life. Thinking about these sometimes I wonder if we all could live forever. No wonder we never try to think about such things and when we do then almost everything that we do and think of changes. Now after these I happen to look at things from the different angle and not only that I even started to try making every second of my life meaningful without wasting a single moment.

To be continued...

What I know about money?

On 8th of march the day which is celebrated as international women's day all around the world and these year the biggest celebration of the day in our country was held in Bajothang Higher secondary school where her Majesty Queen Mother Sangay Choden Wangchuk the president of RENEW visited the people attending the program as the main Chief guest of the day. I apologize to all the reader because I was not there so I am not aware of all the things that happened that day.

We the students of Bajothang Higher Secondary school were very grateful to have Her Majesty in our school and that too on such special occasion where the doubt about the gender equality was explained thoroughly. Today in the morning assembly our vise principal told us that on 8th of march Her Majesty gave us certain amount of cash as a credit for making the program successful. Not only that I was very happy when I heard that all those money was given to Student Support Service which is the program headed by the school mainly organised to support those students who are from poor background.
Few days ago my mom told me what happened with her in the shop with one of the student from our school. She told me that one boy (name unknown) came to the shop and was looking for a slipper that would fit his feet. When he found one it cost him NU.350 so he was asking for discount and like my mom use to do with other customer she told him that he can take it @300 and even after that the boy was not happy and he started telling my mom that even when he asked money form his mother saying that he want to buy slipper she gave him Nu.100 only, after begging his mom for some time finally she increased the amount to Nu.300 saying that that is all she had.

When he had the same amount of money with which he could buy the slipper that he was looking for he was still asking for the discount so my mom asked him why was he again asking when he had the amount he needed? He told her that he want to take the rest of the money no matter whether the amount is high or low back and give it to his mother. After hearing about what happened between him and his mother my mom told him that her last rate would be Nu.270 when he heard that he was very happy and bought the slipper that he desired to wear. And he took back Nu.30 to give it back to his mother, let me guess how happy would that bothers mother was when he returned the money back.

We know that for everything there is dark side too, after giving a second thought I wondered what if that boy was asking for discount by making up the story so that he could make some money to buy him a cigarette or alcohol? But no that did not happen, I can guarantee that because I saw that boy in the shop when I was taking tea for my mother so I know that boy and not only that he is someone that I can trust too.

Here it is not about asking the shopkeeper about discount or making up the story rather I want to know how often do we find kids like that who really understands their parents problem in these age? When I am thinking about these incident that my mom shared with me again and again I felt guilty with myself because everyday I spend about Nu.100 buying things to eat and do other stuffs. After I heard these it made me change my mind and now I am reducing the amount of money that I ask from her everyday. So I want everyone to be aware and think over it,

Remember that it is easy to spend the money that we have, but it even harder for us to earn them and it is not as that easy as we think.

Learn from Mistake.

Today we gave welcome party to 11th grade students and that was fun but on the other side we missed our class because of the party,if the class was taken we would have learned so many things. Though that was not that big deal some other things happened with me too.

Sorry as I am not going to tell you all about the incident but I want to let all of you know what I have learned from that. I made a mistake yesterday and as you all should know that we learn lesson from mistakes that we make. "You know about these and if you are reading these then please don't mind for what I am sharing."

These type of things happen with all of us and that is when we are punished for our own mistake no matter what field, place, location or incident it is in, I am sure that non of us have the habit of thanking the one who is punishing us rather we get angry, hate, and insult him/her. We never realize that if that person would have let us go then we would have been making the same mistakes time and again.If we are punished for our mistakes then we won't make the same mistake another time,so better thank those who made you realize your mistakes.

All of us know about such thing but it is kept behind our head just to tell others when they are in the same situation.We never make use of those things in our case, so the best thing that we can do is bear the punishment and obey whatever he/she is asking you to do because that person is trying to make you change for things that you have done.

Lesson from what happened with me today. Thank you so much for the time that you took from me to hate you because I learned a new lesson from that time on and I am really really sorry for hating you from inside though I did not express that feeling from outside.

Learn from Mistake.

18th Birthday.

March 12th 1997 that was on Wednesday I was born, today it was my 18th birthday which means from now on I am considered as an adult. Till now I have never had my birthday celebrated and these year also it was the same but I was not happy like I use to be in my previous birthday. I don't know why was that but yesterday evening after 3 weeks since my school started I made up my mind to watch a movie over night.

When I was watching the movie something caught my attention and I looked out of my window and I was very thrilled to see that there were some of the boys in two groups trying to fight. After a while as I was watching the scene the cops came and they took all of those boys to the prison. That is how my day started. Even at that moment I was not finished with watching the movie.

I came back to my room from the balcony and was about to start watching the movie my dad came into my room and told me to sleep. Not only that he was saying that I am always the same not sleeping at night rather sleeping in the class at school, and all of these was untrue. Without any reason two of us quarreled with each other about the sleep meanwhile mom came into the room and asked him to go to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and it was different from other days though it was my birthday I felt unhappy but was not aware why? That day in the school I shared some chocolates with my friends and they tried to make me feel happy but non of'em succeeded.

Right now also I am not happy and today I did not even opened my bag after reaching home from the school. I am hoping that same kind of things won't happen with me again and not with others too. Now there is a problem and that is I want to make myself feel normal but the question is how am I going to do that when I am not aware of why I am SAD?

Ctrl+Z does not work in real Life.

Today it was my turn to deliver the speech in the morning assembly and I was fortunate that the language that I have to deliver was in English. Being the final year of my high school I thought of sharing my experiences of school life. From beginning I was preparing for my speech but I did not write it and I was filled with confident that I would be able to deliver the speech smoothly.

Yesterday evening I gave a second thought, even at that time some part of me told me to make a notes or write down the speech but I made my ego win that perception and did nothing. In the morning before the time of the speech I got nerves. Even at that time I had a courage to win my doubt about not being able to deliver the speech nicely.

Finally I was in front of all those students eager to hear whatever I was going to share and teachers who were there to see how well I would deliver the speech. I begun by wishing everyone good morning but at the same time I failed to introduce myself which was the simplest mistake after that when I was to share about anything that I wished to I failed and forgot everything that I have been planning since beginning.

Still then I did delivered the speech as if it was my first time and I was not able to share all those things that I wished to. After assembly some of my colics came to me and appreciated me saying that I delivered the speech nicely but something made me unhappy and that was not being able to share those things that I was thinking of. Now I realised that if I had written something in the form of notes then I would have been able to deliver it smoothly and apart from that I would not have regretted about it later on.

So if its your turn to do something and you are thinking that you can without taking notes or writing it down then better keep that confident aside and move on with taking a notes or writing it down on a piece of paper and move forward.

I am surprised with Myself.

It's been almost a year now as I have started blogging. We were in a club when our teacher Sir. Passang (Passu) taught us and shared his view about blogging. Since then I started blogging thinking that I might be albe to bring some changes in the community or to the readers who read my blog. Things did not happen like I thought it would be rather I misused the power of mine and I got into many silly troubles. When I realized what I was doing again I tried to improve myself but again these time I exposed everything about me to the public.

Though sharing everything about me to the public was not the problem but sometimes things that happen in family is not worth sharing still then without giving second thought I did shared everything. Finally these is the second time I have realized my mistakes and now I am not going to make it my third one and too all those readers who have been reading my post I would like to apologize for what I have written and said. I am repairing my mistakes but at the same time I am not going to delete my old post becasue all of them have a memories hidden in them for me so it is going to be a precious thing when I go back to my old post and read them.

There might be some of you thinking that I am writing these just to build up trust in readers but that is not true rather what I am writing right now is coming from what I am now.

Apart from all these I came to know that I have been creating lots of trouble and making mistakes till now and the reason behind is I alwasy thought that whatever I am doing is right without giving a second thought. Today I am a decent student doing what I am supposed to and what I am not suppose to. No matter what happens today starting from my next post I promise to all the people of the world that you all will be interested to read whatever I post and it would be meaningful without any mistakes.

Thanks for your time. It's worth it!

My Mother.

I know my mom since I came into these world and that too was because of her. No matter in all those bad things that I have done she have always helped me and I am happy about that with her. Tomorrow is her Birthday and I want to make her happy. Got no idea how shall I go about that.

I am going to tell the whole world one story today and these is not just my imagination rather these is a real story and that too is about my mother. I love her more then anything. She is everything that me and my brother got.

I don't know whether tomorrow is really her birthday nor do anyone who knows her know anything about her real birth date. Just think how hard would it be for someone when they don't even know when did they actually came into these lovely planet.

She was looked after by her mother for only some month, though she had father who was with another woman her step mom he never talked with her :( . But after some month or year I am not sure but her mom left her. She never got a chance to know the love of mother nor father. And when her mother was gone she was looked after by her unties. And when she was living with them they treated her like a slave. Few year later she lost all of her hair, no one cared. She was bitten up by her aunts and was given the left over food. Dammit fuck those people ( Sorry for the language but they deserve more than that ).

But MY MOM she was not able to do anything because that was the only home that she had. I was told that she had a brother who use to give her food when she was made to work and that too was by hiding. I don't know where she got the education but I am told that she studied till 6th grade. Don't know what happened after that but what I all remember is that she never got to wear any new cloths rather she was always made to wear torn and old cloths of her aunts and her daughter.

She lived that life till she was 17 years. And after that she was married to my dad. Sorry people but you all might be thinking that I should not be saying these but I can't help myself.

When she got married she thought that maybe thats the end to her struggle in life. But faith dos not change these fast. Dad was never good to her though he brought food on the table for the family he never bought anything other then that. And slowly my mom started to do some small business, wove Kiras sold them and even worked in dads office as a sweeper always cleaning the office in the morning and evening.

She always bought gift and toys for me and my brother, but dad never did. Even from the side of dads family not many people liked her I don't know the reason but they still do the same. She did everything for her kids and her husband but never got true love form that man that she loved. Its not that he had relation with other woman but that was it.

I was in 7th grade when my mom got a chance to met her mother again (Details confidential).

At present every expenditure is the home is done by her only. And tomorrow is her birthday.

Are you all interested to know her? Then let me tell you all about her.

As a mother she is a role model, helps all those people who are in trouble, is kind but strict, understands others and always desires to be loved and gain love from her loved one.

Sorry if there is any mistakes I am crying and writing these.

I don't want to die, I want to live Forever.

Today I had a day off from the school and whole day I have been thinking about all those things that have been happening around the world. And now finally I got an answer and that is I want to help all those poor people around the world no matter what I will try my best to be that person that I am planing to be in the future. I will never give money to any organisation because I don't trust anyone at these moment except my mom and brother.

Why is it that we the human being are born in families with different finical background? Is there any answer? There might be but just don't think about the one that is related to fate or religious and don't even blame on the parents. Someone is born and we never know what that child will become in future and that child is meant to something but no one can stop that person from doing those things that he wish to do. Can anyone?

Guys I was also thinking about our classroom. I know that we the students past different studying material on the wall. But have anyone seen students taking keen interest in studying those things other then the one who have wrote it. In my case I never did saw any one but I did saw in a mass when the test and exams are held in the classroom. Why waste all those money if no one is studying and also those energy? why don't we preserve those money and give to those who cannot afford to  send their children to the school and even to those people who don't have money to eat another meal if they have for the one that they are eating right now? And save those energy to help those people who are tired or those who are in need but not those who are rich.

1. Stop smoking and give the money that you would have used in buying a cigarette to those who are     begging or the one who is in need of but not to those who are alcoholic.

2. Don't go to party rather give those money to poor people.

Have anyone ever thought how these world would have been if there is no poor people and all the people are of same class?

But forget the sadness that comes out of Desire, love, sex, money, passion and beauty.

Just think about all these thing people.

Login to your Facebook account and search for group that is related to help required for the poor people and fund raising page.

I was surprised about how hard to find one and even if you did compare that page with one of those page of rich peoples page or celebrity page. If you are not able to find any celebrity or rich peoples page then go for group about Love and other funny stuff. F*** them.

If there is any mistake then please do consider them.

Watch these video you might change your mind:


Stephen Hawking tried to prove that our universe started from a giant energy source called black hole, though I am not that sure whether what I am saying is true or not but in the movie called “Theory of Everything” which is about him he said that if we reverse back the time then we will be able to go back to the time when all the things including the start of the universe.

When anything starts at the beginning everything is new like when the school starts most of the students comes dressing with new uniform. But at the end of the school those uniform that they were wearing becomes old and that is same with everything like someone once stated, “A new day is a new beginning,” but evening is the end to that new beginning.

If some of you have the habit of sleeping for a long duration in morning then, try waking up early at around 5-6:00am for once. Then walk out of the house and go for a walk during that time don’t think about anything that have been happening with you but try to see things around you and if that is not working with you then try to imagine about your future how it is going to be? If you all can do what I am saying then I am sure that you will get something out of it because I cannot really explain what that feeling is.

Apart from all these lets talk about reversing the time, we know that with time things changes, if we were able to reverse back the time then we can get everything that we have lost in the past. But that is not possible rather we happen to loose even those things that belongs to us because there is no stop and reversing of time it just flows like a river that is flowing down the hill.

Sometimes odd incident happen in our day-to-day life like when something happens we feel like same incident have already happened before. I don’t know what other people feel about these but in my case I have concluded that we human being have the ability to see the future of our own. When I say these, many people will throw lots of questions and my answer is simple i.e. in the dream. Because those odd incidents that have happened with us are all those things that we have been seeing in the dream. But we did saw them in a dream and that too before the incident happened.

These is not a theory of anything rather these is something that I have concluded from my day-to-day life. Thanks for your time friends…!

Watch the trailer of the movie Theory of Everything...


Its been a long time since I haven't posted any article but today I want to tell the world all those things that I have been going through till now.

When I was in the school on 18th of December 2014 to get my result with my mother, I got last warning from the school. I am not saying that, that is wrong but that is the result of all those bad things that I have been doing since I joined the school. Even if I were in the shoes of my teachers I would have done the same things because what can a teacher do to the student who does not get on with the rules and never shows the sign of change after giving so many last chance?

On that day mom and me signed a paper that contained all the list of wrongs acts and things that I have been doing excepting that I will not conduct any wrong act further and if I do I will be happy to except the TC from the school.

Shortly after that my parents planned to make me take the tuition in the Pelkhil School in Thimphu for 12th grade. I did attend the tuition but I was not able to stay till the end because of some other domestic reason.

So I returned home after 15 days of tuition, on reaching home I tried to help my parents and meanwhile I learned so many things about life. So many questions started to strike my head after watching a Movie called The Theory of Everything. the movie was about Stephen Hawking and the he stated that we all came into these universe for a reason and when the right time comes we have to leave everything and leave, but where?

Not only that I have been asking these to myself "If god exist in real and if they created the universe then who created the God?" And if Science can prove that God does not exist then what can science tell us about the ghost? and other diseases that can only be cured by the means of religious ritual?

Is there an answer for all those questions above? For me i don't know because I have been trying to get the answers by myself and did not do any research on that. So if we all are born for a reason then why is it that not all the human are born in  same circumstances? Is there a reason for all these things? If yes then what is it?
If no then why not?
I have never got any answers to all these questions but I hope that I will find those things very soon and all the toppers of 12th and 10th grade of the year 2014 congratulation.
Keep up with you spirit and also to those who topped the 10th grade in 2013.
There is a reason for all these and if you think you wanna know'em then do keep in touch.