My Mother.

I know my mom since I came into these world and that too was because of her. No matter in all those bad things that I have done she have always helped me and I am happy about that with her. Tomorrow is her Birthday and I want to make her happy. Got no idea how shall I go about that.

I am going to tell the whole world one story today and these is not just my imagination rather these is a real story and that too is about my mother. I love her more then anything. She is everything that me and my brother got.

I don't know whether tomorrow is really her birthday nor do anyone who knows her know anything about her real birth date. Just think how hard would it be for someone when they don't even know when did they actually came into these lovely planet.

She was looked after by her mother for only some month, though she had father who was with another woman her step mom he never talked with her :( . But after some month or year I am not sure but her mom left her. She never got a chance to know the love of mother nor father. And when her mother was gone she was looked after by her unties. And when she was living with them they treated her like a slave. Few year later she lost all of her hair, no one cared. She was bitten up by her aunts and was given the left over food. Dammit fuck those people ( Sorry for the language but they deserve more than that ).

But MY MOM she was not able to do anything because that was the only home that she had. I was told that she had a brother who use to give her food when she was made to work and that too was by hiding. I don't know where she got the education but I am told that she studied till 6th grade. Don't know what happened after that but what I all remember is that she never got to wear any new cloths rather she was always made to wear torn and old cloths of her aunts and her daughter.

She lived that life till she was 17 years. And after that she was married to my dad. Sorry people but you all might be thinking that I should not be saying these but I can't help myself.

When she got married she thought that maybe thats the end to her struggle in life. But faith dos not change these fast. Dad was never good to her though he brought food on the table for the family he never bought anything other then that. And slowly my mom started to do some small business, wove Kiras sold them and even worked in dads office as a sweeper always cleaning the office in the morning and evening.

She always bought gift and toys for me and my brother, but dad never did. Even from the side of dads family not many people liked her I don't know the reason but they still do the same. She did everything for her kids and her husband but never got true love form that man that she loved. Its not that he had relation with other woman but that was it.

I was in 7th grade when my mom got a chance to met her mother again (Details confidential).

At present every expenditure is the home is done by her only. And tomorrow is her birthday.

Are you all interested to know her? Then let me tell you all about her.

As a mother she is a role model, helps all those people who are in trouble, is kind but strict, understands others and always desires to be loved and gain love from her loved one.

Sorry if there is any mistakes I am crying and writing these.

I don't want to die, I want to live Forever.

Today I had a day off from the school and whole day I have been thinking about all those things that have been happening around the world. And now finally I got an answer and that is I want to help all those poor people around the world no matter what I will try my best to be that person that I am planing to be in the future. I will never give money to any organisation because I don't trust anyone at these moment except my mom and brother.

Why is it that we the human being are born in families with different finical background? Is there any answer? There might be but just don't think about the one that is related to fate or religious and don't even blame on the parents. Someone is born and we never know what that child will become in future and that child is meant to something but no one can stop that person from doing those things that he wish to do. Can anyone?

Guys I was also thinking about our classroom. I know that we the students past different studying material on the wall. But have anyone seen students taking keen interest in studying those things other then the one who have wrote it. In my case I never did saw any one but I did saw in a mass when the test and exams are held in the classroom. Why waste all those money if no one is studying and also those energy? why don't we preserve those money and give to those who cannot afford to  send their children to the school and even to those people who don't have money to eat another meal if they have for the one that they are eating right now? And save those energy to help those people who are tired or those who are in need but not those who are rich.

1. Stop smoking and give the money that you would have used in buying a cigarette to those who are     begging or the one who is in need of but not to those who are alcoholic.

2. Don't go to party rather give those money to poor people.

Have anyone ever thought how these world would have been if there is no poor people and all the people are of same class?

But forget the sadness that comes out of Desire, love, sex, money, passion and beauty.

Just think about all these thing people.

Login to your Facebook account and search for group that is related to help required for the poor people and fund raising page.

I was surprised about how hard to find one and even if you did compare that page with one of those page of rich peoples page or celebrity page. If you are not able to find any celebrity or rich peoples page then go for group about Love and other funny stuff. F*** them.

If there is any mistake then please do consider them.

Watch these video you might change your mind:


Stephen Hawking tried to prove that our universe started from a giant energy source called black hole, though I am not that sure whether what I am saying is true or not but in the movie called “Theory of Everything” which is about him he said that if we reverse back the time then we will be able to go back to the time when all the things including the start of the universe.

When anything starts at the beginning everything is new like when the school starts most of the students comes dressing with new uniform. But at the end of the school those uniform that they were wearing becomes old and that is same with everything like someone once stated, “A new day is a new beginning,” but evening is the end to that new beginning.

If some of you have the habit of sleeping for a long duration in morning then, try waking up early at around 5-6:00am for once. Then walk out of the house and go for a walk during that time don’t think about anything that have been happening with you but try to see things around you and if that is not working with you then try to imagine about your future how it is going to be? If you all can do what I am saying then I am sure that you will get something out of it because I cannot really explain what that feeling is.

Apart from all these lets talk about reversing the time, we know that with time things changes, if we were able to reverse back the time then we can get everything that we have lost in the past. But that is not possible rather we happen to loose even those things that belongs to us because there is no stop and reversing of time it just flows like a river that is flowing down the hill.

Sometimes odd incident happen in our day-to-day life like when something happens we feel like same incident have already happened before. I don’t know what other people feel about these but in my case I have concluded that we human being have the ability to see the future of our own. When I say these, many people will throw lots of questions and my answer is simple i.e. in the dream. Because those odd incidents that have happened with us are all those things that we have been seeing in the dream. But we did saw them in a dream and that too before the incident happened.

These is not a theory of anything rather these is something that I have concluded from my day-to-day life. Thanks for your time friends…!

Watch the trailer of the movie Theory of Everything...


Its been a long time since I haven't posted any article but today I want to tell the world all those things that I have been going through till now.

When I was in the school on 18th of December 2014 to get my result with my mother, I got last warning from the school. I am not saying that, that is wrong but that is the result of all those bad things that I have been doing since I joined the school. Even if I were in the shoes of my teachers I would have done the same things because what can a teacher do to the student who does not get on with the rules and never shows the sign of change after giving so many last chance?

On that day mom and me signed a paper that contained all the list of wrongs acts and things that I have been doing excepting that I will not conduct any wrong act further and if I do I will be happy to except the TC from the school.

Shortly after that my parents planned to make me take the tuition in the Pelkhil School in Thimphu for 12th grade. I did attend the tuition but I was not able to stay till the end because of some other domestic reason.

So I returned home after 15 days of tuition, on reaching home I tried to help my parents and meanwhile I learned so many things about life. So many questions started to strike my head after watching a Movie called The Theory of Everything. the movie was about Stephen Hawking and the he stated that we all came into these universe for a reason and when the right time comes we have to leave everything and leave, but where?

Not only that I have been asking these to myself "If god exist in real and if they created the universe then who created the God?" And if Science can prove that God does not exist then what can science tell us about the ghost? and other diseases that can only be cured by the means of religious ritual?

Is there an answer for all those questions above? For me i don't know because I have been trying to get the answers by myself and did not do any research on that. So if we all are born for a reason then why is it that not all the human are born in  same circumstances? Is there a reason for all these things? If yes then what is it?
If no then why not?
I have never got any answers to all these questions but I hope that I will find those things very soon and all the toppers of 12th and 10th grade of the year 2014 congratulation.
Keep up with you spirit and also to those who topped the 10th grade in 2013.
There is a reason for all these and if you think you wanna know'em then do keep in touch.