What I know about money?

On 8th of march the day which is celebrated as international women's day all around the world and these year the biggest celebration of the day in our country was held in Bajothang Higher secondary school where her Majesty Queen Mother Sangay Choden Wangchuk the president of RENEW visited the people attending the program as the main Chief guest of the day. I apologize to all the reader because I was not there so I am not aware of all the things that happened that day.

We the students of Bajothang Higher Secondary school were very grateful to have Her Majesty in our school and that too on such special occasion where the doubt about the gender equality was explained thoroughly. Today in the morning assembly our vise principal told us that on 8th of march Her Majesty gave us certain amount of cash as a credit for making the program successful. Not only that I was very happy when I heard that all those money was given to Student Support Service which is the program headed by the school mainly organised to support those students who are from poor background.
Few days ago my mom told me what happened with her in the shop with one of the student from our school. She told me that one boy (name unknown) came to the shop and was looking for a slipper that would fit his feet. When he found one it cost him NU.350 so he was asking for discount and like my mom use to do with other customer she told him that he can take it @300 and even after that the boy was not happy and he started telling my mom that even when he asked money form his mother saying that he want to buy slipper she gave him Nu.100 only, after begging his mom for some time finally she increased the amount to Nu.300 saying that that is all she had.

When he had the same amount of money with which he could buy the slipper that he was looking for he was still asking for the discount so my mom asked him why was he again asking when he had the amount he needed? He told her that he want to take the rest of the money no matter whether the amount is high or low back and give it to his mother. After hearing about what happened between him and his mother my mom told him that her last rate would be Nu.270 when he heard that he was very happy and bought the slipper that he desired to wear. And he took back Nu.30 to give it back to his mother, let me guess how happy would that bothers mother was when he returned the money back.

We know that for everything there is dark side too, after giving a second thought I wondered what if that boy was asking for discount by making up the story so that he could make some money to buy him a cigarette or alcohol? But no that did not happen, I can guarantee that because I saw that boy in the shop when I was taking tea for my mother so I know that boy and not only that he is someone that I can trust too.

Here it is not about asking the shopkeeper about discount or making up the story rather I want to know how often do we find kids like that who really understands their parents problem in these age? When I am thinking about these incident that my mom shared with me again and again I felt guilty with myself because everyday I spend about Nu.100 buying things to eat and do other stuffs. After I heard these it made me change my mind and now I am reducing the amount of money that I ask from her everyday. So I want everyone to be aware and think over it,

Remember that it is easy to spend the money that we have, but it even harder for us to earn them and it is not as that easy as we think.

Learn from Mistake.

Today we gave welcome party to 11th grade students and that was fun but on the other side we missed our class because of the party,if the class was taken we would have learned so many things. Though that was not that big deal some other things happened with me too.

Sorry as I am not going to tell you all about the incident but I want to let all of you know what I have learned from that. I made a mistake yesterday and as you all should know that we learn lesson from mistakes that we make. "You know about these and if you are reading these then please don't mind for what I am sharing."

These type of things happen with all of us and that is when we are punished for our own mistake no matter what field, place, location or incident it is in, I am sure that non of us have the habit of thanking the one who is punishing us rather we get angry, hate, and insult him/her. We never realize that if that person would have let us go then we would have been making the same mistakes time and again.If we are punished for our mistakes then we won't make the same mistake another time,so better thank those who made you realize your mistakes.

All of us know about such thing but it is kept behind our head just to tell others when they are in the same situation.We never make use of those things in our case, so the best thing that we can do is bear the punishment and obey whatever he/she is asking you to do because that person is trying to make you change for things that you have done.

Lesson from what happened with me today. Thank you so much for the time that you took from me to hate you because I learned a new lesson from that time on and I am really really sorry for hating you from inside though I did not express that feeling from outside.

Learn from Mistake.

18th Birthday.

March 12th 1997 that was on Wednesday I was born, today it was my 18th birthday which means from now on I am considered as an adult. Till now I have never had my birthday celebrated and these year also it was the same but I was not happy like I use to be in my previous birthday. I don't know why was that but yesterday evening after 3 weeks since my school started I made up my mind to watch a movie over night.

When I was watching the movie something caught my attention and I looked out of my window and I was very thrilled to see that there were some of the boys in two groups trying to fight. After a while as I was watching the scene the cops came and they took all of those boys to the prison. That is how my day started. Even at that moment I was not finished with watching the movie.

I came back to my room from the balcony and was about to start watching the movie my dad came into my room and told me to sleep. Not only that he was saying that I am always the same not sleeping at night rather sleeping in the class at school, and all of these was untrue. Without any reason two of us quarreled with each other about the sleep meanwhile mom came into the room and asked him to go to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and it was different from other days though it was my birthday I felt unhappy but was not aware why? That day in the school I shared some chocolates with my friends and they tried to make me feel happy but non of'em succeeded.

Right now also I am not happy and today I did not even opened my bag after reaching home from the school. I am hoping that same kind of things won't happen with me again and not with others too. Now there is a problem and that is I want to make myself feel normal but the question is how am I going to do that when I am not aware of why I am SAD?

Ctrl+Z does not work in real Life.

Today it was my turn to deliver the speech in the morning assembly and I was fortunate that the language that I have to deliver was in English. Being the final year of my high school I thought of sharing my experiences of school life. From beginning I was preparing for my speech but I did not write it and I was filled with confident that I would be able to deliver the speech smoothly.

Yesterday evening I gave a second thought, even at that time some part of me told me to make a notes or write down the speech but I made my ego win that perception and did nothing. In the morning before the time of the speech I got nerves. Even at that time I had a courage to win my doubt about not being able to deliver the speech nicely.

Finally I was in front of all those students eager to hear whatever I was going to share and teachers who were there to see how well I would deliver the speech. I begun by wishing everyone good morning but at the same time I failed to introduce myself which was the simplest mistake after that when I was to share about anything that I wished to I failed and forgot everything that I have been planning since beginning.

Still then I did delivered the speech as if it was my first time and I was not able to share all those things that I wished to. After assembly some of my colics came to me and appreciated me saying that I delivered the speech nicely but something made me unhappy and that was not being able to share those things that I was thinking of. Now I realised that if I had written something in the form of notes then I would have been able to deliver it smoothly and apart from that I would not have regretted about it later on.

So if its your turn to do something and you are thinking that you can without taking notes or writing it down then better keep that confident aside and move on with taking a notes or writing it down on a piece of paper and move forward.

I am surprised with Myself.

It's been almost a year now as I have started blogging. We were in a club when our teacher Sir. Passang (Passu) taught us and shared his view about blogging. Since then I started blogging thinking that I might be albe to bring some changes in the community or to the readers who read my blog. Things did not happen like I thought it would be rather I misused the power of mine and I got into many silly troubles. When I realized what I was doing again I tried to improve myself but again these time I exposed everything about me to the public.

Though sharing everything about me to the public was not the problem but sometimes things that happen in family is not worth sharing still then without giving second thought I did shared everything. Finally these is the second time I have realized my mistakes and now I am not going to make it my third one and too all those readers who have been reading my post I would like to apologize for what I have written and said. I am repairing my mistakes but at the same time I am not going to delete my old post becasue all of them have a memories hidden in them for me so it is going to be a precious thing when I go back to my old post and read them.

There might be some of you thinking that I am writing these just to build up trust in readers but that is not true rather what I am writing right now is coming from what I am now.

Apart from all these I came to know that I have been creating lots of trouble and making mistakes till now and the reason behind is I alwasy thought that whatever I am doing is right without giving a second thought. Today I am a decent student doing what I am supposed to and what I am not suppose to. No matter what happens today starting from my next post I promise to all the people of the world that you all will be interested to read whatever I post and it would be meaningful without any mistakes.

Thanks for your time. It's worth it!