Wow I was suprised!

I Was asked to come to the Wangdue bridge to deliver a book that I have sold to the person who lived in Zhemgang and I have to give it to his friend who was in his way to captial. I was just sitting there in the blocks near the bridge, when I was trying to take a photo of the burned Wangdue Dzong a question striked my head and that was why is it that when something bad happens it destroys everything whereas when we build such kind of things it takes many months. Not only that I also thought why are we people so intellegent that so many unexpected things are made like computers, chip, phones, airplanes, vehicle, cameras, electricity and much more... If we the students are asked to write a simple essay on a given topic then I would say that we would probably make lots of mistakes. In the photo above it shows us a Dzong commonly known as frotress which takes years and years to build but it took only 3.5 hours to burn down completely. From these thing I would say it shows us that not everything is permanent, rather everything has its own end like the frotress though it can be build agian it will not be as same as it was before. So what ever we do in life we should be prepared with things that will happen in and around us. And also about the things that people create just think why can't we make something new and be popular like others did? It's probably because we never think beyond what we are taught rather when we even think, what we are not taught then we have a perception that it is wrong. That is why we are never able to or we never succeed in making or creaking new things. I heard few days ago that though Apple fell from the tree no one gave a second thought why it did whereas Sir Issac Newton had that curtisy to think so he learned something new which no one ever did and we also got a chance to learn it. So friends I would say not all the things that we haven't learn are wrong rather they are the things that has not yet been proved, why?

Wangdue Municipal!!!!

Wow we are loving it when there are such thing happening in and around the Wangdue town. Just yesterday when I was in my room studying and I heard people saying fire! Fire! But when I went out I found out that it was a small fire that was burning the plastic covering of the bulb of street light that you will find in Wangdue town. Like the one in photo. I moved closer to the pole to take a picture and also to turn off the fuse that is found near the ground of that particular pole. But when I reached near the pole some of the people asked me not to go further. So I stopped there. After a while one of my friends dad who was a Gup went and tried to do what I was thinking of doing. To my surprise he said that the lock was not unlock-able. Very soon he called police but a person from BPC came and when asked why aren't you all taking a good care of such things, but he said that he is not responsible for that rather Wangdue Municipal is. When I heard that I was supirised because how come Wangdue Municipal is so care less that they are not taking care of such thing in the developing town. To be true I am inspired to write these because the pole lied just above the Wangdue petroleum. For a video you can check this Link in YouTube .

Mr Passang.

Though he was teacher from my eighth grade I really liked him. Other people might write about him in their blog because he is a well known blogger in the country or maybe to get more views or follower in their blog. 

But today I am writhing about him because he is the only teacher whom I have appreciated till now. The reason for appreciation is he taught me everything starting from my grade 8 about day to day life experiences. He was the teacher who really understood my personal problems, he too adviced me in many fields apart from schools lesson. From girlfriend to parents and thyself. Even though I was not taught by him after my 8th grade I always walked by his side sometimes talking taking out some topics and sometimes by being a member in his club. 

Every time we are told something by him I get inspired and always dreamed of becoming a person even greater then him, in everything so that a day will come when he will appreciate me. For some times ago I have been writing bad things in my blog and making a bad use of social media but after one of the club he asked me to stay back and adviced me on where I am going wrong. That day I realized that I was on the wrong track. Till now you have done so many thing and helped me in many ways while today I would like to thank you in this article and I am sure everything will be same after these though nothing wrong have happened and am expecting one day I will be a good help to you.

Inspiring book ever!

Tuesday with Morrie was a book that my friend Noryang gifted me when I was fifteen years old as my birthday gift. The book is about a professor and a student, who was appreciated by his professor and he too loved his professor very much.

 In the graduation day his professor cries in front of his parents as his student was leaving after completing his study in that collage. After the graduation Mitch the student, his brother dies because of a cancer and he was the only one to look after himself and also his brothers family. By working hard he become one of the well known journalist in that area where he lived. After he gained lots of fame he received many numbers of letters from his collage asking for donation. After a certain time thinking that all the letter from the collage was about a donation he ignored all of them. But accidentally one fine morning when he was out he notices an unusual thing and that was his professor, in a wheel chair. There he realize that his professor was suffering from neorun which was the same disease Stephen Hawlking was going through.

 Starting that day every week on Tuesday he makes a visit to his professor always taking something to eat for him but his kind hearted goods or foods is of no use to his professor as his condition gets worse day by day. But for Mitch it was very surprising to notice his professor how he lived his life even when he knew that he was going to die. He never dreamed of going to a place that he have never been to, ask for a food he have not ate, nor did he asked to do things that he thought of doing but was not able to, which Mitch have seen people asking for when they were about to die.

 After he discovered that he was going to die he made a final visit to his collage and made a farewell speech for his students and his friends. That was the saded day for Morrie the professor because he never though that he would be saying bye to that collage in such condition. After that he shares Mitch many facts of life and shares lots of things that he had experienced in his life till that time. But very embarrassingly he dies on a day when there is no one near him but Mitch knows that his professor did that because he remembered a time when prifessor told him that he want to die when there is people around because he don't want to die seeing sad people around him rather he wants to die a pleasent death.

These might be just a Nobel that I read but its one of the most inspiring book that I had ever read till now though there is a long journey for me to walk. For the first time my life I cried for an hour after i finished reading the book. When I cried I did not cry because of the sad ending rather visualizing the whole story agian from the starting to the end and living every single step that Mitch and Morrie had lived which was very sad. I would suggest all the readers of this article to read these book once as you are going to love it and also I am sure that the next day you finish reading this book you would ask one of your friend or a relatives to read the same book that I am asking you to, today.

Books are the clues or treasures that we people find while walking the unknown journey that everyone of us are doing everyday.

Bhutan Telecom

It was just yesterday that my dad have been to the Telecom office asking why were they late in setting up the Internet connection in his house while the explanation was still the same and that was, the cable have not yet reached. I was surprised because they have been giving the same excuse or the defect that they were having 3 weeks before. But today I also heard from one of my friend that his dad has asked for the maintenance of the cable which was actually not working, he told me his dad had even paid the money and that was about 2 weeks ago but they have not yet received the people from Telecom. Their excuse was that they dont have the cable but how can that happen even after 3 weeks i would say that 1 week would be enough for them to get the cable but 3 weeks. I just want to ask why is such things happening? If I am wrong do forgive me but I would say such type of thing might be happening in and around the country. Is it because there is no one to challenge in the market? But now I would like to ask Tashi cooperation to start to supply Internet to the people and make delivery and do maintenance on time then you are going to make a good money compared to Bmobile or Bhutan Telecom in these field.

These is what happened with my dad and a friend of mine here in Wangdue.

Looking for a better change.

Bad movie!

I watched a movie called Mac and Delvin goes to high school where Mac was Snoop Dog and delvin was Wiz Kalifa. It was inspiring movie but one should know how to think positive if you want to make it inspiring for you. A movie where Mac has been repeating for past five years and Delvin one of the smart student in that collage. Two of them hate each other because Mac supplies drug to the people and teaches other students to use it but Delvin is always concerned about his studies as he is dreaming of continuing his studies in Yale university after passing from the present school so he is not included in such activities. But what happen next between two of them is very interesting. When I say interesting some of you may think that they are going to start a fight or quarrel but that is not going to happen. Before their final exam they are going to have a science exhibition show. For that show each students are given their partner to work on their choice of exhibites. Now the interesting part is going to come were Mac and Delvin are the partner who have to work together for the exhibition show. Delvin tries to reach Mac but he fails every time because Mac always got an excuse. After some time their science lenticular gets changed by a women who is same age to Mac. Mac falls into her, he goes to her and ask for a date where she says that he is still her student and she doesn't date a student, in that case Mac says he have to leave the school but she says she also don't date with drop out, when Mac ask her what is the final option she says he have to graduate from that school. That day onwards Mac plans to study. But for Delvin he says that he have to be the best in the exhibition so Mac suggests him to be at his place after the school. Being together Mac teaches Delvin to smoke, use drug and do other bad things. But they are arrested by the cop when they were found in a stripper club doing bad things. In the jail Delvin realize that he was in a bad company with Mac, from that time on he starts to get away from him like before. When they were arrested they had not yet completed their science exhibites but they missed one thing that was the main ingredient that would blow the bulb from the organic substances. After both of them are busted out from the jail they have to summit their science exhibition but duruing that time, only Delvin shows up saying he was unable to find the main ingredient but in surprise Mac enters the roomsaying he had found the ingredient and so they stood first in the exhibites too. After that in their final exam Mac too quailfied and so Delvin got his dream fulfilled that is to go to the Yale university. And the most interesting one is Mac gets to date his chemistry instructor........This is what the Movie is all about but when we watch these we should know that what Mac and Delvin was doing together was bad habit and what Delvin did before meeting Mac was the right thing that we should be doing.

Learn to think positive from every thing that you come across every second.

Unfinished Book.

I have been thinking of reading this book everyday leaving behind my most important work, that is to study my subject book. I was surprised after a number of days that I could not read beyond the first chapter. It was not because I could not understand it but because every time I read it I started agian from Begning. Don't know what I have been doing but the reason was because every time I started I thought of starting with a very good foundation but the very next day I thought it same way but did not thought if continuing from previous day. These is same in our life also because when ever we think of doing good thing or improving its better to start once and continue on that apart from starting everyday because even if you start everyday you will always land up doing same things all the time and you will never proceed to next level. Doing same thing everyday may make us good in that particular task but starting same thing again and again we will never make us succeed in what ever we are doing in our day to day life. From now on ward I am starting once and continuing that from the next day instead of letting same things happen everyday.

Helper's the destroyer.....!

I was taking a look at the packet of a cigerate that my friend left.When I saw that I thought of taking a look at its cover so that I can search for more information in the net about it. When I was going through I found one interesting thing and that was ITC was also mentioned there saying that it was owned by them. Looking at that name I quickly looked at the back side of classmate exercise book that I was having and there also I saw ITC's name tag saying that they are helping millions of uneducated children realize their dreams by providing them education. So I was stuck here in the name ITC. I am thinking agian and agian that is it possible that there are two ITC orginasation or is it that its the same. So if its the same then why is it that they are helping in both positive and negative thing?


Just take a look at these picture what we notice is normal that is we can see different time at different places. If we are asked the reason behind for these then I am sure there are many of us who do know the reason for it. Is that all that we are going to notice when we take a look at the picture? Well I would say there is many. Firstly we see different time in different places but what we fail to notice is that people in that places are also doing different thing. Even if we try to think of what people might be doing than its going to take a lot of time. But we never try to think that way because what we think is that we are going to waste our time or we will make an excuse by saying we are bored or else. The second one is we see time passing but that makes no different to us because that normal for us. Rather it indicates that every second is being spend and we are making no good use of it. After number of days when we think back then we will regret or feel happy of what we have done before. What all the people wants is to not regret after doing a particular thing so the best solution is to think and make a good use of the time.