Computer Addiction.

12th march 1997 was the day I let out my first cry on this earth. Both of my parents were watching me grow with so much hope and expectation. The gave me lots of love and care. I started my education in Nobding Lower Secondary School with lots of joy and fun. Every day I learned something new and made new friends. During that time I was the naughtiest kid in the school and also the brilliant one. Teachers guided me at schools and parents at home in whatever things that I was doing.

Our family moved to Wangdue so did I and I continued my education in Wangdue LSS. Things changed for me as everything was nw fo me. New teachers new friends and the environment. Even though that did not affect my studies. While studying in WLSS I met with many friends where some were drug addict some good in studies and others with different personalities and characters.

Unfortunately things begun to change for me from seventh grade when I had access to computer. For the first time in my school life I failed in half term. But forgetting all about that I studies hard and everything was same like before again. But that faliure really caught my attention when I reached 9th grade. I took IT in ninth grade and that thing really hampered my studies.

I was addicted to computer like taking a drug I could not sleep without using computer everyday. That became my routine. I never knew what I was doing in computer neither I learned programming nor web designing. Many people asked me what do I do when I am infront of computer but there was never an appropriate answer.

After all I even qualified in tenth grade when no one thought I would. And the reason is I was not that same kid as I was when I was young. Finally eleventh grade I took science stream and never knew that such a thing would happen with me were by I failed. That was the worse thing but I never gave up using computer. Today if you come to me with any problem regarding computer then be sure that It will be solved. Today he is in such a position that all the people he knows come to him for any problem that they have with their electronic gadjets.

Not only that  today if you go and met him he will remove any virus that have affected your computer without installing antivirus. So what do you think he is up to? He has a dream of learning all about computer starting form programming, web desigining, hardware engineering and chip desigining.

That was a story of one of the student who really loved using computer but was not that good in knowing what is more importance for him. Everyone loves doing things that they love but when we do things thAt is important to us then that should be done with love. Try it you will be shocked when you see the result.

Short Film Festival

It's been a month since Bajothang Short Film Festival has been conducted in the school by my club with the help of Sir Passang Tshering. The program was conducted in order to let students learn those things that they does not come across in their normal classroom. It was competition based program where by, each class have to submit one film based on the theme: YOUTH FOR CHANGE. Their final submission date was in 22nd of September. All the classes that is from 9th to 12th have submitted me each clip though some of them failed to. 

Out of 18 sections only three of them failed to submit but there were some of the classes who submitted two clip. Though they were informed that only one clip will be accepted because some did not submit I accosted their films. The films that each classes have submitted me are very interesting and mind changing with many educational ideas and youths problem based films. Some clips quality is low, we should not insult them rather we should appreciate their work as we should know that not all the students background is same. Some it's unbelievable with HD quality and interesting edition done. I was expecting some class to submit me animation as there were some students in the beginning who were asking me whether it's ok to submit that kind of clip also? But sadly there was non of that kind but you check out their edition it's marvelous.
After collecting all the videos i made it into a full length movie type where by its easy to watch. I have given linked the video below make sure you watch them from beginning to the end. The edition of compiling all the films into one and putting animation in between is done by me but the edition done in the film itself is done by the respected classes and before the film of the class begins I have even made a slide from which you will come to know which class's video it is...

To the students and also to the teachers please be reminded that the result will be declared on next Monday but the films will be shown to all of you in the Club Exhibition. If any of you want the film then you all will be given a copy and for that reason come with drive with minimum of 2GB size.

Please forgive me if there is any mistakes...
Non of the animals and people were harmed during the making of the films.

Enjoy watching:

The Giver.

The Giver is a novel that is studied by the students of tenth grade in Bhutan. Till now nothing was there to learn that book other then reading but now on 15th of August they are releasing a movie
based on that noble The Giver. Not only that there is also audio book for that book so if you all think that its going to save you time while traveling or when you are bored then Follow the LINK given below...

I am late.

I am not so sure why I am having these feeling and on top of that I can't even describe how I am feeling. It's been a really long time I was not able to update my blog and reason is simple I was busy.

Result day is finished, Captainship election is also done and since last Friday an open football tournament has also been started in the school which is conducted by the school itself. Now there is only one task of mine that I have to do in the school and that is to deliver a speech tomorrow in Dzongkha.


I am happy these year that I passed the exam of half term and that shows that I have improved compared to last year and that is not what I am up to. People particularly my parents and teachers say that I have the potential to be the best and I won't argue with them rather I would accept what they are saying because I was the best but now I am not who I was before. These is not the end though we don't know when we will die but we also don't know till when will we live so there is lots of time for me to improve and it's not late.


Starting last year these program was started and I was there in 11th grade last year and these year too. I had a hope that I would be selected as one of the candidate for the Captainship election but sadly I was not. I tried my best to improve in case of my personal character but may be others did not notice me, I might have been judged by my past or I am not capable for that. I don't really care because for me it's not that important as my studies. So whatever it is those who have already been elected as captain do your best and don't let those who have selected you all to regret for selecting you.


After all these I don't have anything to do no notes to be written nothing to read nor any in-completed task because I am changed and these is new Chidananda.

No matter what I will be who I am and no one can understand me people I am always the other person wherever I go so don't try to understand me rather try to befriend with me nothing more to say.

It's studying time friends work hard.... 

There might be some mistake in the text so please don't mind for that because I write what I feel directly and I don't like to go through it again...


I never thought about love of mother to their child, and the hard work that they do to help their child in growing up. My mother no one would like to hear about it I am glad that I have someone like her in my life.

Other then her I have seen other's too but only those who are really working hard for their childern and also those who just don't care what their child's are up to. A friend of mine with whom we became friend from my 6th grade is now living with his mother, his dad died few years ago.

Friends Mother:

Tow of them my friends mother and her husband were living a happliy married life but after couple of years things changed. Her husband started to drink and by the time he was addicted they already had three kids all boys. Two of them were working in same organization. Their mother beared all the pain a person have to bear in the family when someone who is head of the family is not the person to be trusted.

Time came when their father started to drink in credit because the his salary was not enough for himself, but his wife was running the house from her salary and paying her husbands debts also. Their youngest child TN and I met in Wangdue Lower Secondary School when I was in sixth grade. TN with his mother and other brothers came into our shop and became a daily customers. Not only that his mother and mine became a good friend.

After two years when we were in 8th grade their house caught fire and that time one interesting thing happened were TN's father helped them too. That incident made whole family happy and when their father was going under treatment for quiting ahcolol he died after two weeks starting the day that their house was on fire.

That day on their mother was the only one who was earning in the famiy still then she was able to run her house and keep her sons happy by letting them continue their education. At present she is still running her house but sadly she is under debt from the bank becasue she took loan to sent her elder son to study. These days she always come to our shop and chat with my mom about 1-2 hours a day and leaves for her home.

These is a story of my friend's mothers struggle. While if I share mine that going to give me lots of trouble from different direction so I will think about it and look forward to share with you all. Thanks!

What's your Story?

Note: Please don't mind if there is any mistakes becasue when something come into my mind I directly post it here without checking anything and giving second thought.

Install app for free without paying in iOS device?

There might some of you who want some of the app from app store badly but you can't download because it has to be paid.

Here in these post I am going to tell you all how to install it without paying and that also for free.

Firstly you need your iOS device to be Jailbroken and after that, you'll find one new app in your home screen with a name Cydia. Connect your device to internet and open cydia there you will see 5 Tabs at the bottom so from there select Source and click edit.

Now after clicking edit there you will find one button at the left top side of your screen i.e Add, click add button and a pop-up window will appear asking you to add a URL there type
and click on done button.

After that in the same windows of source open link and search for Appsync iOS 7+ and open it.
After oppenig that click on install and it'll install automatically.
When you finish installing the app will ask you to restart springboard so click on that.

Now your device will restart.
Plug in your device to PC and download the app that you need from other websites and add it to your device through iTunes. You are now good to go.
Good Luck.!

Change File Explorer Background.

Tired or bored of white background while opening any of your Folers in your Windows?
Check These out:

Step 1: Download the latest version of WindowBlinds copy by visiting this page. The setup file is ~48 MB.

Step 2: Next, launch the setup and follow on-screen instructions to complete installing it on your PC. Note that the setup offers you install Start8 program to add the Start menu to Windows 8/8.1. Start8 is not a free program and if you don’t want to install it, please uncheck the option titled Yes, also install Start8 that appears when you click the Next button.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step1
Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step2

You might be asked to reboot your computer to complete the installation. If you’re prompted to do so, click Yes button to restart right away or click No to manually reboot later.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step3

Step 3: Once installed, launch WindowBlinds. If you want to test drive the software without purchasing it, click Continue Trial option.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step4

Step 4: In the left-pane, select a style other than the default Windows 8.1 style, click Background tab on the right-side.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step5

Step 5: Click Explorer Backgrounds to choose a texture for folder background. And if you want to use a custom picture, click Create texture button located at the bottom and then browse to the picture file that you wish to set as Windows Explorer (File Explorer) background.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step6

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step7

You will see an option to select the area of the picture that you would like to set as folder background. You can either select a portion of the image or click Select all of original image button.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step8

Step 6: Finally, click Apply Style button to set the new skin and your selected picture as folder background in Windows 8.1. WindowBlinds will automatically restart the Explorer to apply the changes. Good luck!

Activate Windiws 8 and Microsoft Office 2013.

These are lots of people using Windiws 8 and office 2013 but only few of them have those software and windows Activated and there are others who might be bored of message saying Activate your Windows and Office 13.

Here I have a software Download just top make sure that you can activate your Windows and Office 13. But be reminded that after activating your windows you cannot update windows after that but you can activate other in-buid softwares...
Download your Software fromthe link Given...


Visit for more help for any of your electronic device or contact me @

Downgrade iOS via iTunes.

Don't want the latest software or the firmware rather want to use old one? Then here is what you can do to downgrade your iOS version with any device.

Step 1: Download old version of iTunes (11.0.5 or earlier) and install it but before that if you already have then remove that completely.

Step 2: After that download iOS firmware the one that you want to downgrade your device to which is compitable with your device from

Step 3: Now keep on pressing Home button and power button at the same time in your device. After a while your device will restart and iTunes logo will appear with a picture of USB cable indicating that your device is in recovery mode. Let go of the button.

Step 4: Connect your device to the computer and open iTunes, on opening iTunes a pop-up windows will appear asking you to restore your device. Don't click ok just close that and press shift in windows and Alt/option key in Mac and click restore.

Step 5: A window will appear after clicking on restore, from that window locate the location of your downloaded firmware and open it.

Step 6: Now you are good to go. Everything will be done just have same patient.

NOTE: Anyone trying these steps please be aware that sometimes because of some problem your device may not be downgraded and I am not responsible for any of the copyright claim or other stuffs that you carry out. Not only in these post it's same with the previous one and upcoming too...

If anyone of you have any problem do inform me I will be happy to help.

Jailbreak iOS 7.1

Is there any of you who is unhappy because after upgrading your iOS to 7.1 you are not able to jailbreak the device?
While today I am going to tell you that now you can...

Step 1: Just download Pangu from

Then after download open the application

Step 2: Uncheck the box that appears like these

Step 3: After that plug in your device and the Pangu app will ask you to change date and time in your device             so go to Setting/General/Date and time and turn off Set Time Automatically and make it 2nd June                 2014 at 8:30 PM or 20:30

Step 4: Click the button to start.

Step 5: Go to home screen of your device and open Pangu app that will appear there after a while.

Step 6: After sometime it will reboot your device and again unlock your phone,ipad or what ever and agian               open the same app i.e Pangu.

Final Step: Your device will restart again. Then you are done enjoy.

Note that someone you will not be able to download the Pangu application if that happens with you then better comment below with your email I will send you the other link to download the application.

Visit for more tutorial and other interesting post.  

Get rid of iOS 8 beta restoring Problem.

Currently I heard that Apple have already launched iOS 8 beta and beta 2 for iOS developers to get rid of bugs and problems that it causes. So what I did was I downloaded iOS 8 beta 2 for my iPad mini A1432 it works with any though. After installing the iOS 8 firmware I was unable to activate the UDID registration as I could not pay $9.99 not because I don't have the money but because I am still a kid without bank account.

After not being able to downgrade I tried many ways like downloading various version of iOS firmware compitable with my iPad and tried downgrading it but nothing good happened. But at last I finally found the solution. That is...

Note that you don't need to download any firmware.

Step 1: Create another icloud ID for free but don't register these ID in Apple developer website.

Step 2: Deauthorise your iTunes with the Apple ID that you have registered to apple developer.

Step 3: Now connect your apple device by putting it into Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Restore your device but when iTunes ask you to input password for your Apple ID just type the new Apple ID that you have created and proceed forward you are done now.....ENJOY!


Had there been no exam how would our education system be? That's the one question that I have been asking to myself from the time when I attended my first exam. No matter what, I always thought that proving what we have learned in an hour or two or three is not fair. Neither do I know what is fair in education system as it is managed by the ministry of education.

One interesting thing that happened to me about the same topic when I was in tenth grade. After finishing my last national exam I and some of my friends were waiting for other friends outside the examination hall. There our examination invigilator came out of the hall and asked us how was our exam until now. We said that it went well and without thinking anything I told her that it's not fair that we have to show what we have learned in a year just in 2-3 hours. There she said that, that is how it is we cannot change anything, from the starting of the education system in our country our king and other people have been doing the same thing until now.

That time I agreed to her and concluded that we have to attain exam no matter what we think or do we have to show what we have learned in a year just in few hours.

Apart from that when I was young I use to think that if I failed I would top the class next year as I was good in studies in lower classes. I never thought that a person fail in exam by not knowing what he or she have learned in that year. Now when I failed and after repeating the same class I came to know that we fail not by luck or destiny rather we fail because we don't score enough mark to pass the exam which means we are not able to show that we have learned a lot in that particular year.

My exam have already started and today's it's the second one I don't know what is happening to me as I don't feel like studying at all because I feel like I know what I am studying but thats wrong. I am having that type of perception because I have studied same book the previous year so it makes me feel that way. Yesterday on seeing that I was not studying my dad asked me to pass in the current grade he told me there is no need to top the class or whatever you have to score good marks in your 12th grade so it's finilized that I will do that. I have learned same books for two and a half year but these time I am doing my revision in eleventh hour and attending my exam but that's not how it is going to be in annual exam.

People reading these post if student then be reminded that studying till 12th grade in important for you to decide what you want to be and how you want that to happen. Any any of you who have not yet started your revision then better start as your door is already opened.

REMEMBER: We the youth may not form 100% of our countries population but we do form 100% of its future.....

My First Article in Student Digest.

One should read these.
Book review on Tuesdays with Morrie
“Tuesdays with Morrie” is really a very touching book. The author is Mitch Albom on the cover. However, there is another writer of the book: Albom’s old professor, Morrie, the hero of this book. In the story, the author had lost contact with his professor in the college, Morrie, for nearly 20 years. However, one day, when Mitch saw Morrie again on the television, he found out that Morrie has Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It was terminal by the time he had discovered the disease and he was going to die within a year. Caring about Morrie, the author came back to his professor again, and the last class of the professor began. It took place once a week, every Tuesday, in his house. The student was the author. The subject of the class was the meaning of life. It was taught from experience, it was not taught in school. The author wrote their class into a book-“Tuesdays with Morrie” and it is the “final gift” from Morrie to his class.
I love this book and this is the book which has impressed me most among all books I have read, probably because of Morrie. He was brave, optimistic and humorous. When he was facing the illness, he suffered great pain and he needed to be totally dependent on others. For example, as he said, “I need someone to wipe my ass for me.” It was very embarrassing. Also, it was very depressing for him to know that he was going to die soon. But instead of mourning and grieving, Morrie tried to live happily and meaningfully. He said joke to delight others. He also thought himself to be very lucky despite his illness because he had love from his relatives and friends. He knew how to find what he had instead of keep thinking how unlucky he was. It was very difficult. In addition, Morrie was very clever, sensible and knew what he needed. He would not follow blindly the culture-chasing after, work for money only and neglect the most important thing in the world: love. He was able to realize that the culture was not right and tried to teach people to think what was really important to them, so that they will not wait until they are dying before they know what they need most is love, and money cannot provide comfort. Even when he was dying, he continued to do so by helping the author to write this book. It also showed that he cared for people he did not know and he used every minute of his life to do meaningful things. That’s why I respect him the author of the book who in real suffered like that in the Nobel and I love these book too, a lot.
This book includes the fourteen classes they had and each covered a topic, for example, forgiveness, family, the world. From these lessons, I have learnt the important of love. Anyway, the most important thing I have learnt is that I have found my aim. In the past, I was very busy at studying, so busy that I started to study mechanically, like a robot. I lost my original aim of studying without noticing. I was chasing after the wrong, meaningless thing, without realizing that. Also, I was so concentrated on my interest that I neglected the love and care from my families and other studies that I had to do.. I took all that for granted without return. Yet, in reality, they are the most important things to me. After reading this book, I finally realized what I had done in these years. Through this book, I have found my real aim of studying to contribute to the society and give happiness to people. And I learned to give more love and care to people around us and treasure them. Furthermore, I have learnt to treasure every day and everything, to live every day fully and meaningfully, to love and to be loves, so that we will not regret until it is too late, when we are dying.
In this book, the scene that impressed me most was that in the last Tuesday, Mitch was dying and he said goodbye to Mitch. Mitch cried, first time for many years. It was really touching by seeing the intense love between them, like a real father and a son. It indeed set a good example of how to love. I cried too, after that I have attended the class also through reading the book and I have treated Morrie like my teacher. I did cry not once but about five to six times.
The author has made this a good book by writing it well, through which the lessons of Morrie are taught more impressively. First, throughout the book, in between the last 14 lessons of Morrie, the author would include some incidents happened about Morrie and Mitch 2o years ago. That made a comparison between the present and the past and we can know more about the old professor before he got the illness. Also, it occasionally quoted some famous speech related to the topic so that the lessons could be more impressive. Moreover, the author did not try to describe how much the professor suffered, how popular he was or how optimistic he was directly. Instead, he only expressed all these through the speech and behaviour of the characters so that your heart is deeply touched by the truth. There is a lot writing skills we can learn.
After reading this book I was touched deeply and I have learnt a lot of thing. It help me to start a new life, a more meaningful life as I have found what I really need in this book. That is love, and the love in this book has made me feel very warm. You must read this book! I am sure you can learn something from it. The Tuesday lessons of life were not just for the author, it had been written for all of us. It was the precious gift from Morrie before he died. Just like the author said, “Though Morrie had died, his love and spirit and love remain, and the teaching goes on”.

Just after finishing the reading of the book I felt like, instead of The Giver in class ten there should have be these book as I found one of the most interesting and lovable book of mine from my childhood till now.

Life is a journey of Obstacles.

For so long I have been thinking to change for good but in some of the fields I lacked behind. After some days now I feel the real difference between two of these thing. Study, be frank and respect others that is what that makes you happy. I have been lying to all my friends, elders, teachers and parents that I have stopped smoking but that was untrue. At past i use to take money from my parents shop when I was asked to stay in, but I never from others property. And now I realize what all that things were. For some time I was happy with my friends who were in bad company.

That happiness was only a happiness of sorrow. So many things happened. Today not to mention but as it was week end i smoked a cigarette and I was caught red handed by my favorite teacher and also the one who trusted me the most. I don't know how sir felt but I was slapped in the spot. I am not happy not because sir slapped me but I was found smoking (Doing bad thing), I am not sure how the sir felt like when he saw me that way but I want to apology him for me being bad.

Till now I was cheating myself not to those to whom I was lying. Starting now I want any of my friends to report to teachers and my parents if you all find me doing any of the bad things. Also to those readers of my blog I want to inform you all that from today I won't be blogging as I have some other important things to do and that is to study, I need more time in that compared to blog. If possible I will be blogging during week ends that also only if it is possible.


I never knew that being a responsible person for big jobs was that easy until I got one. In my case it was not about on but it was in a school Rimdo where I was MC and apart from that I was also working in kitchen so it was kind of big responsibility that I was holding.

Early morning I went to the school not knowing what I would be doing the whole day as I was not even assigned Ny work by the captains and even when I asked them that I want to be MC then they rejected my request by saying that " they have already assigned that post to one of the captain " on hearing these I asked him why aren't giving such responsibility to the lower classes where his reply was " take the responsibility when you reach 12th grade if you really want to take," after that without saying anything I left him and tried to forget what he told me.

As soon as I reached school I was like a boat in the middle of the ocean without knowing how to sail the boat. At the same time I had a laptop of a teacher who have asked me to format it as he was busy one way and other he had no idea how to make the CD bootable and format from the boot menu in windows XP as it is not same as that of other windows like windows 7 and 8.

On reaching to the class I was not so sure what to do so I left to return the laptop. When I reached the main office of the teachers that is located in front of the basketball court the teacher that I was looking for was not there. When I was unsuccessful in finding the teacher I was returning to my class when something caught my attention. It was those captian who rejected my request to be the MC. They were beside the lawn located below the MP hall of bajothang higher secondary school. They were preparing for the dance program that was going to be held after sometime.

When I was there I saw then without any devices to play the music duruing the program. I thought of taking the advantage of that mistake that they have done so I asked them with what device are they going to play the music? On asking that one of them told me that he is going to play with the phone that he was holding, when I looked at the phone that he was holding it was no other then Nokia X2, wow I was surprised on seeing that, I am not insulting him for the phone that he was holding but how can a phone like that with less ram and 1GB of memory.

Even after that I asked them whether they are bringing any laptop but it was sad for them as they have not managed any laptop. I had the laptop, so I asked them if they want to use it but under one condition and that is I will use it as it is repaired last night so I cannot take risk of others destroying it in any case. Without saying anything they accepted my request and I was there not only using the laptop but as acting as the English MC.

After the first program was over duruing the break time I was there in the kitchen helping others and as I finished helping them I came back to do MC again so I was busy that way. At that time I had no time for lunch either. Acting as MC was not that easy for me, apart from working as MC I learned many things about the way we should speak in such incident and also the importance of being a fluent English speaker.

That was not the only thing that I have learned rather I aslo learned how the things will lend up when it is not coordinated properly. I am it blaming our captain for their responsibility as I am aware of the work that they have to do becasue that is not the only thing that they have to do as there are many other too.

So in life no matter whatever or any kind of work that you are assigned with learn how to do that think and also try to get adopted with the things that you are going to face. Remember "oppourtinuity strikes only once, even if it is same next time it will never be as same as that of previous one"

Regret and Mistake.

After so many bad things that I have done last year, I finally realized that I was following a wrong route. On realizing what I have done till now I knew that its not late for me to improve. As things are coming to track I am happy that there is good part inside me. From the task assigned by the subject teachers to repairing electronic gadgets and helping friends in bad times I am doing good.

No matter what wrong things I have done, I learned how to learn from those mistakes. Like a saying goes "There are no mistakes in life but, there are all lesson from which we can learn new things." I am not so sure how other people tackle with their result when its not good, but in my case I forgot regretting before. When I learned about it, I knew that if we don't regret then there won't be any will of redoing things so that same mistake won't be repeated, so even regretting is helpful in many ways.

Regretting is also not good in bad things that we do but it should be avoided when we are in the wrong track. Like if we are unsuccessful in cheating in exam or test than we should not regret because it will hamper our self. The right way of regretting is in the field of studies and work that we are assigned with.

Not only regretting, whenever we make mistake we should learn to avoid repeating that next time and if someone made a mistake and you we there with those people then let that person know that its a lesson not a mistake.

I have a notice to all the readers that when I am writhing something about my life or incident that happened with me no matter whether that is right or wrong you should learn from them like I said "Learn From Mistakes."

Thanks giving Speech to teachers.

Last Saturday we had a parents teacher meeting in the school and just after that we the students of class 11 Science and commerce had organised a thanks giving tea party to those teachers who have helped us in our journey of success. Again these year I was the one to deliver the speech to the teachers, and here is the speech.

"First of all I would like to thank you all for being with us here in a small tea party that we have organised for all of you who have helped us in every way possible, from the first day of school till the end. You all were the one who made us realize that the mistake we have made is next step to success not a failure.

To all of you here who have taught us and also to those who have not it does not matter becasue inorder to shape our future there is not only the hand of teachers who taught us but also the hand of those who made a difference by not teaching us.

A cup of tea and some number of cookies are not worth the help that you have provided us with but its a moment that we wanted to enjoy with you all here so that you all will know that, your help and guidance is not forgettable and we the students will remember you all throughout our life. Thank You and enjoy the party."

All in one, and THANK YOU! Teachers.

These is the part of my life that I will never forget not because I did not liked it, rather it's because I really loved it and I want it to be same throughout. From the homework that we are assigned, notes that we have to write and apart from that we do have to study too. So how are we managing the time? That is the big question in my head always asking me how are you managing it? We all should think about it too.

These days if I come early to my house after the end of the school then it's always around 5:00 or sometimes 5:30 PM. What do I do in the school right? It's not that hard to be answered, because these days it the busiest day in the school as all the ball games, indoor games and field events are being played. Being a senior in the house that we are divided in, I am appointed as assistant captain, not only that I was asked to be an official who have to look after chess game every day till it comes to an end. That is why I am late.

Every Wednesday we are having club activities in the last period and even in the club being the old member and a learned students about the resources used in club, I am appointed captain there also,so every week I have to prepare for the club like a lesson plan that is prepared by a teacher before going it the class, that is because all the other members new and those who are interested.

When ever there is a problem with computers of school lab or my friends I asked them to inform me and let me see before going to the town and paying there to fix it because if I knew I would help them. Apart from having so many things to do, learn and all those responsibilities, I asked for that work, because that is the main field that I am interested in so no matter what ever the problem is with the computer I happen to fix them all most of the time.

That is all with the things that I do at school and the reason for reaching home late. At home everyday I complete all the notes that we have to write and my homework no matter what the quantity is because I don't like sleeping without completing the task that I are assigned to do. In the case of revising the text book I don't get much time so what I do is I read subject books like Dzongkha, English, biology and in two subject which is bit harder compared to other subject that is Chemistry and Physic, so instead of reading I browse internet and watch the videos on those topic that we have learned, from KhanAcademy. Not only that even in biology and English I do some research and if I find videos related to Biology than I do watch them.

Now a days I asked the Editorial of Student Digest that I want to write an article in the upcoming issues so with all those work and task that I am doing right now I am even working in that. Some might be thinking that when I am doing those things I might not be getting enough or a good time to sleep but I would say, that, it is totally incorrect because I do get enough time to sleep.

These is a post where it looks like I am telling my parents reason for being late at home but after reading these post I want all the students reading these to be aware of how to  manage your time because if you don't know how to then that is going to cause you lots of problems. Other then that, to the parents when ever your child is late from school try to understand that he or she might not be always playing and staying with no work or working home late, because they might have had a work in the school or some task that they thought of doing in the school itself. Lastly I am very thankful to all the teachers who are teaching and leading us the students in a right track.

Improvement is what all that matters.....

I don't really remember what I was up to last year as I was doing wrong in all the thing that I have to do. But these year things have been changing for me. If you all are questioning how is that then the answer is. From the starting day of my school I was given a responsibility to run a club, another was I was appointed as the class captain and lastly house assistant captain. Here I am not showing that I am a captain as many of the people now a days have that kind of perception.

I am not saying that what people are thinking is wrong but I want to tell all those people around me that I am changing and the regards goes to all the teachers of Bajothang Higher Secondary School who thought that I can do better and gave me the responsibility in many things that I was really interested in.

These year I learned that its not only the teachers that matters in all the right and wrong things that we the students do. But the one that matters is the students and we are the one who should think twice in what ever things that we try to do and also those things that we are planning to do. Last year I was like an uneducated student who always blamed others like friends, parents, teachers and those people who advised me but I was wrong it was all my mistake and I was a jerk who not not willing to except the mistake.

About the last post of mine where I said that I was drinking for the last time really helped me because again last week in Losar same incident happened where my friends forced me to drink but hopefully I was able to ignore them without hurting their feeling and I did nothing wrong there.

As I am improving from every angle of my life I noticed that we the people are born to do or be somebody in life, I was also born to be someone so I will be.

Remember readers "Yesterday was past, tomorrow is future and today is gift, that is why we called it present." Don't do anything wrong intentionally rather try to do some new things every day and make that day one of the memorable in your life.
And Lastly "Mistakes and failures are the bridge that connects you to the Success and more opportunity in life.......

Birthday and School Time.

It's been a very long time that we students have been on a vacation including all the teachers in and around the country. Today is my brother's birthday and nothing special is going to happen. No party, no family dinner in a fancy hotel or a restaurant and not even a birthday party. February 22, 2001, was the day when i got my brother and I am suppose to be the luckiest son ever to have a brother who is really clever and smart then me. Same like all other brothers I never figured out how much I love him until the day last year when I kind of ran away from home.

Our family is not common to others living around us, who celebrate birthday party or have a gift for the birthday guy. As in my previous post I have mentioned that our family grew out of low class family so, its really been hard on all our family members to make a celebration in past years so the culture does not exist.

Yesterday it was out 5th King's birthday and today its my brothers, I can't believe I am really enjoying a lot. There is only two person in our family who know our birthday on the exact day except for mom and dad. But no matter what we are always a family though the birthday does not count much. That's all for the birthday and Happy birthday to all the person who are having the birthday on the same day and also to those who are going to have in future.

School is finally opening, after a 2 months of break and I really missed my school time. Last year I was not that responsible so I failed.No matter what there's always a second chance and that is going to count much then the last one. Like a saying goes "Opportunity does not strike twice, even if it does it will never be as same as before."

Today I am very happy thinking that I have got second chance from all the people starting from my GURU'S (Teachers) who taught me and my parents. I am glad that they understood me. From now on I am letting my past go and focus on present and plan for future.
And most importantly all the readers do remember that You can't repeat the past...

Failure part II

While on my way to my house I was very sad not knowing what my parents would say to me but when I reached firstly my mom asked me how was your result I directly said that I failed but it seemed that she did not believed in me so after a while she again came to me and at that time I was with my dad were he was telling me what failure was and for what reason did I fail. During that time before asking me mom asked my dad about my result as she did not believed in me the previous time. Even dad said that I failed, she just turned around and walked towards shop not saying anything.

I was surprised when mom said nothing. That day I stayed at home not knowing what to do and was also thinking about finding a work if I dropped the school. In the evening after having dinner mom came to my room and told me that today I might have learned what failure is and she also said that sometimes it's better for toppers to fail so that they will know what failing means.

That  moment when I heard those words from mom I realized that I was wrong about dropping school and running away from home.After that I questioned myself did all the students who failed liked me and also those who have failed two to three times have done same things like me that I am thinking today. While the answer was no. I have not even heard one student who have done things of that kind so I removed two of that idea from my one was to drop the school and other running away from home.

From next day I started to make a plan about my future. My plan was about changing myself, like a saying if you want to make someone else good first you should be good. But in my case it was not to make someone good rather it was for myself. My plan started with learning a respect that I have forgotten. After that i tried to stay away from computer and that I still can't. So ignoring that I thought of studying for next year but that too I could not But I was able to study HTML and JAVA. That's all for my second part, I know that I am late.

Every time when a student is asked to do homework some of the STD's fails to so all of them makes an excuse saying they forgot or they were busy in their house and most commonly they will say that they forgot their book in the class only, no one will ever tell the truth no matter what. That is because we the students think that we might be pardoned if we make an excuse. 

In my case thinks what would you do when you have to choice that is to help your parents or ignore that and write for your blog after you fail in your exam? For me I thought helping my parents was better than writing for my blog so I am late. But the question is what field did you help your parents in for 2 weeks. That is not true actually I helped them for first week and in the second week I was in my village where there is no internet so what would I do?


Failure...! Part 1.

When I completed my exam on 26th of November I started to worry about What would happen to me in my 12th grade and how my future would be like, but these was not the surprising part in me rather I was worrying about my life for the first time and that was little different for me at that time.

After my exam I went to New Delhi with mom for some personal matters and there too I met some of my cousin with whom I shared my worries and I was happy to hear that even they were concerned about my future and was encouraging me to work hard.


As soon as I reached SILIGURI I was happy, as I was approaching near home. Not only that I was happy that I will receive my result of my 11th grade too. 14th of December I reached home and from 15th we were asked to report to the school to get prepared for the national day ceremony that was going be held on 17th of December. After that on 18th we were going to recieve our result. But before that we received our exam paper and when I received mine I was shocked to see my marks.

The only subject in which I have scored high mark was in Dzongkha and English. But in other subject it was like I have done my exam without studying 11th grade. For me it was same like that and the main reason behind for that was because I did not give much attention to my teachers teaching. I was completely focused on learning computer which was not my subject. Computer was my interest and for that reason I gave more importance to computer rather than my regular subject.

All of my subject teachers and other teachers who knew me from my 8th grade adviced me almost all the time to study hard and they also reminded me that 11 is not heaven which we students use to think that after completing 10th grade 11 is heaven and 12 is hell. Thanks to all the teachers who have adviced me when I was wrong. I had good friend and bad one also in school and apart from that I myself was getting naughty in thing that I was doing.

18th of December the result day, I was eager to know what my result might be even after looking at my answer sheet. At home I told my parents that my lowest mark was in math subject with 42 out of 100 but that too was a lie. The moment my class teacher called out my name my heart started to beat faster and faster. And my result was...........

As soon as I received my result I was shocked because I had little hope of being upgraded to 12 grade after looking at my answer sheet though. Right after I heard that I have failed from my class teacher I thought I was not meant for the education from one side of my head but from other the question was if I was not really meant for that then for what reason I might have been a good students from my first grade till then. After a minute I thought why don't I be like Steve jobs and Bill Gates who have not graduated from school or collage and leave school. That was not right because I was looking at the failure of great people and trying to copy that.

When I failed only those people who were good friend of mine was there with me but those who are bad were very busy thinking about insulting me and apart form that they were even insulting me too. I told my friends that I am going to leave school and start a business but they were saying that, that would be the greates failure for you if you do that, so thinking what they are saying might be true I believed in them and also I called my brother whom I trusted and told him that I failed but he was laughing not by hearing what happened to me, when I asked why are you laughing he said don't make a joke and tell me the truth and my answer was that only that I failed. After telling him that I failed for 20 times then only he believed me. He too adviced me not to do some stupid thing afterwards like last year when I ran away from my home.

Apart from all those things I was not so sure how to show my face to my parents. I even thought of running away but why to hurt parents so I left it....

to be continued.....