Install app for free without paying in iOS device?

There might some of you who want some of the app from app store badly but you can't download because it has to be paid.

Here in these post I am going to tell you all how to install it without paying and that also for free.

Firstly you need your iOS device to be Jailbroken and after that, you'll find one new app in your home screen with a name Cydia. Connect your device to internet and open cydia there you will see 5 Tabs at the bottom so from there select Source and click edit.

Now after clicking edit there you will find one button at the left top side of your screen i.e Add, click add button and a pop-up window will appear asking you to add a URL there type
and click on done button.

After that in the same windows of source open link and search for Appsync iOS 7+ and open it.
After oppenig that click on install and it'll install automatically.
When you finish installing the app will ask you to restart springboard so click on that.

Now your device will restart.
Plug in your device to PC and download the app that you need from other websites and add it to your device through iTunes. You are now good to go.
Good Luck.!