Equal Development.

I am sorry for my readers there who might have been waiting for my next post but I was not really aware of what to write. In one of my previous post I have written about Bhutan telecom because they were late in setting a telephone line in my house.

Just yesterday I was surfing through Bhutan telecoms website when I was carried out by a image on the top where it says that they are going to set up 4G network in captial and there it is also mentioned that 4G network is 3 times faster then 3G network. While I am not going agianst what BT are doing but I got a question for all the people, that is will you be happy if the fruit that you have bought looks very fresh and good from outside but it is rotten when you pill or cut it into two half?

Or let's take an example of a class, if you are one of the student in a class will you be happy if only the captian is awarded the award but you all are excluded, even when the work was done equally by all of you? From my side I would say that non of us would be happy if that kind of thing happened right! For me also I find it similar when BT are planning 4G in Thimphu.

What I would suggest to all of you is please stop that if you can, and firstly make 3G avaliable in every corner of the country by using the money that you all are going to use in setting up 4G in captial. I don't mean to say that you all are only developing Thimphu or it's not also that we people of Wangdue are only having 3G. Just think in your case with that money that you all are thinking of setting up 4G in Thimphu if you set up 3G in every corner of the country where there is coverage of B-mobile network, after that from the income of that you can start setting up 4G won't that be great?

I don't know whether the people of Thimphu are demanding or requesting for 4G network but what I feel is I think they are really happy with what they have at present. What I want to say is please all the orginasation who are in same track not only BT please learn to put smile in all the people instead of putting more in some and ignoring others.

These is just a request with some example and I don't have any intention to harm anyone.
In particular BT do forgive me if you all have some other purpose behind setting up 4G in captial if not other purpose then please try to understand what message I am trying to convey.

Early morning Journey.

14 th of October is a day celebrated by all the southern bhutanese as Dasian. So early in the morning at about 5:45 AM my family started our journey towards Tshirang which is 91 KM from Wangdue, it was early in the morning so I noticed lots of things on the way. If I highlight all the points then you all would get a glance of how Bhutan is and that is what you are going to love, knowing about Bhutan (The country of Thunder Dragon).

Early in the morning our journey started and my parents were busy talking about different things while I was not one of them rather I was trying to enjoy the beauty of the journey, the very first thing that I noticed was a cattle on the way which can also be seen all around the country, second is construction on every corner of the road which makes you so bored as there will be lots of dust so you won't open the window of the vehicle thinking the dust will get in and also by thinking that we will suffer from cough and cold.

Another one was drivers not giving the way, the very next movement you leave them you will find a earphone plugged in their ear, depending upon the mirror that they have if incase there was a vehicle from behind, condition of the road is one where it is horrible because of the two hydro project that is under construction in between Tsirang and Wangdue.

Now the last thing were there were many people going to their working area carrying a lunch box and most of then were Indians that time I thought that there might be about quarter of the population of bhutanese citizen that is Indians working in our country. They were here to work so that they can send the money they earn to their family back to their home. Finally I could see sunrise above the mountain passing through trees making different shapes of shades. Apart from that there were many drivers who were trying to start their vehicles engine in the morning as it was end of the fall season too.

You may think I am still sharing another experience after saying last too but these Is what I really want to share to all the foreigners who are reading these article that when you travel in Bhutan you will notice countless mountains and as you travel from one place to another you feel like you will come to your destination in the end of the present hill but it never happens, rather  you will notice lots of turns and hills that you might have never seen in other countries. And your journey comes to an end only after a long journey.

Exam and high time to study.

All the students from grade 11 and 12 were asked to come to the MP Hall right after the assembly.  ot knowing what it was I thought it might be a meeting or a brefying about our up coming exam. When we reached there I was suprised that a Professer from ICFAI university from Sikkim. We were there in the hall for about 3 hours where we the students were briefed on how to build our career in. A good way. After that we were also told and briefed on the ICFAI university from which he came from. From that presentation we came to know about the job market and the economic of the world in a brief explanation. 

Learn from yourself.

Knowing who you are and what you are is not just enough for us. We should learn to live accordingly to what we are and who we really are. May be I never knew who I really was or it might be that I never learned to live a simple and easy life. Being brought from a bad condition and all the way through until now I never apologized my parents for the wrong things that I have done. Nor have I ever apologized when I have hurted them. To be true I never knew that they loved me and cared me too. I was just having a negative thought that they were making me suffer. Sometimes I even though that I might be their adopted son that is why they make me suffer so much. But no I am their son and they did all these just to make me a good boy or a son in the future. Same like my teachers saying " you can take a horse near the river, but you cannot force the horse to drink the water ." It's uncountable If I count the number of times that I have hurted my parents and have done wrong things. From lying to running out of the house and much more but now I learned what it all really meaned so starting now I will never hurt them nor would I do any bad things....

So friends never hurt your parents as they are your source of everything rather love them more then your beloved ones..

It is high time to study.

Counting the days left for the home exam in our country I would say that there is only about 49 days left. Though the time is very limited there is only some of us who have really started our revision. I would say that if all the students around the country could start their revision from now only then I would say that almost all of the students will pass the up coming exam. There might be some students who have not yet started their revision, not because they don't want to rather because they are not sure how to. If I give some ways or tips on how to the I would suggest you all to follow it strictly.

1: shorten the time that you spend on doing other activities.

2: Start with the tuffest subject.

3: Everyday study all the subject.

4: Don't just study for the sake of studing but study to understand.

Make sure that what ever you have been studing is all understood.

Vote for me!

One of the best event in the history of bajothang higher secondary school. Election of captions for next year from the nominates made by the class teacher and subject teacher of class 11 Sci and Commerce. It was sometimes ago when the nominates were asked to come and take the photo so that it will be pasted in the electronic voting machine. Though the same event was held some years ago there was no such facilities like electronic voting machine. Rather students were asked to rase their hand and from their captions were elected.

But it was not comfortable so, that kind of steps were cancelled. But today every nominates were asked to make speech in the assembly ground in the morning. Starting from 4th period students from class 12 as per the roll no were asked to enter the election room, following the process we voted the captions.

The main reason for conducting such activities in the school was to give more time for the seniors to study particularly class 12. But it is not that the responsibility that they have taken till now won't be recognized starting today, rather they will be awarded as per their responsibility on the school award day.

Vote for the best!

Check out the photos here.... Let's see who gets the highest online vote? Just comment with the persons name....