It is high time to study.

Counting the days left for the home exam in our country I would say that there is only about 49 days left. Though the time is very limited there is only some of us who have really started our revision. I would say that if all the students around the country could start their revision from now only then I would say that almost all of the students will pass the up coming exam. There might be some students who have not yet started their revision, not because they don't want to rather because they are not sure how to. If I give some ways or tips on how to the I would suggest you all to follow it strictly.

1: shorten the time that you spend on doing other activities.

2: Start with the tuffest subject.

3: Everyday study all the subject.

4: Don't just study for the sake of studing but study to understand.

Make sure that what ever you have been studing is all understood.