Early morning Journey.

14 th of October is a day celebrated by all the southern bhutanese as Dasian. So early in the morning at about 5:45 AM my family started our journey towards Tshirang which is 91 KM from Wangdue, it was early in the morning so I noticed lots of things on the way. If I highlight all the points then you all would get a glance of how Bhutan is and that is what you are going to love, knowing about Bhutan (The country of Thunder Dragon).

Early in the morning our journey started and my parents were busy talking about different things while I was not one of them rather I was trying to enjoy the beauty of the journey, the very first thing that I noticed was a cattle on the way which can also be seen all around the country, second is construction on every corner of the road which makes you so bored as there will be lots of dust so you won't open the window of the vehicle thinking the dust will get in and also by thinking that we will suffer from cough and cold.

Another one was drivers not giving the way, the very next movement you leave them you will find a earphone plugged in their ear, depending upon the mirror that they have if incase there was a vehicle from behind, condition of the road is one where it is horrible because of the two hydro project that is under construction in between Tsirang and Wangdue.

Now the last thing were there were many people going to their working area carrying a lunch box and most of then were Indians that time I thought that there might be about quarter of the population of bhutanese citizen that is Indians working in our country. They were here to work so that they can send the money they earn to their family back to their home. Finally I could see sunrise above the mountain passing through trees making different shapes of shades. Apart from that there were many drivers who were trying to start their vehicles engine in the morning as it was end of the fall season too.

You may think I am still sharing another experience after saying last too but these Is what I really want to share to all the foreigners who are reading these article that when you travel in Bhutan you will notice countless mountains and as you travel from one place to another you feel like you will come to your destination in the end of the present hill but it never happens, rather  you will notice lots of turns and hills that you might have never seen in other countries. And your journey comes to an end only after a long journey.