My dad still remember those incident of my childhood and it so happened that yesterday when we were having dinner he shared those sad part of his life with me when I was young.

It was during the time when we were in Nobding which is about 2 hour journey from Wangdue towards Bumthang. One day two of us (dad and I) went to Tsirang to get some bamboo that he needed for his work, in Tsirang I was left in one of my cousin’s house when he went to get the bamboo. Dad also said that, at that time I was saying I was hungry but the sad part was he had no money in his pocket at that time. He told me to be in my cousin’s place so that he will feed me after he return back by loading the bamboo. So I was left in my cousin’s place hungry.

 I did not ask them for food because I was like a guest and also I was a kid so I remained silent for the whole time until my dad returned. I was not given anything to eat or drink not even a glass or a drop of water. I am saying these because at the time when I asked my dad for food he was there with us. So when my dad returned he asked me did I eat anything? And the answer was no.
My dad knew that I was not given anything to eat by my cousin who was already married and was also employed. After knowing that my dad told me that we will have our food on our way back so without asking anything from my dad I listened to him and got inside the truck for my return journey. That time I did not know that my dad had no money, any how after some minutes I went into deep sleep, after which I woke up when I reached home only. So I had my dinner there in my house after a meal that I took early in that morning from the same place.

 Wow brother! I love my childhood very much thanks for your help at that time and I will never forget that movement. That was for my cousin but I got something for you all who are reading this and that is at present day when I go to Tsirang  I don’t actually go to their but if they happen to see me then they ask me to come at their place and stay, these kind of things happened many times. My mom dad doesn’t give any shit to them and again the other interesting thing is they remember us when they need help.

I heard that they were very happy when they heard that I ran away from the house last year and also they were wishing me best of luck in my exam after my return. Any way without giving any shit to their wish I studied and I qualified too. This year on 16th of February when our result was declared I received a call and that was also from him asking me how my result was? And without hesitating I told them that I qualified.

Have meet many people in life but why is it that only my relatives are like that?
There are more coming, I have many stories similar to these but let me keep it for some other day.
I got something for my relatives who are reading these and that is please don’t mind for what I am writing because I will never mention your name and also it will be a true story so be prepared for what I am writing and my next post.

If any of you are in a same circumstances please learn how to treat people and to give them company without differentiating their cast or without looking at their family status.

Do you all know why these kinds of things happened to me?
While the answer is my parents were poor at that time and now they are not!

School VS Ability!

There use to be a time when I revised all the subject before doing the exam and that was in the past in my junior class. But now everything have changed for me as I am in grade 11 and I don't feel like doing it at all. I myself don't know what reason lies behinds these but what I really know is I am not at all interested in the subject that I learn all of them. When I say all of them there might be some of you who might be thinking why I am saying that? While it's because in order to live my dream I have to learn all the subject. No matter what or how I try to revise my subject book when I open the text book I feel like throwing it in the corner of my room. To be true I am very much interested in Technology and from my cousin's, friends, and also elders view they say that I am really good at all those stuff.

 Till now I have repaired many of my friends laptop and PC's and that also without payment. I am not expecting money when I repair their computer but what I love in repairing electronics's gadgets. Some of my friends suggest me to open a computer repair shop and run that apart from studying if I am not at all interested in schooling. For me what they say is also right but in this kind of circumstances what one should thinks is also for their future. Just imagine if I really open a electronic shop and start doing that business who will come to my shop? I would say no one because people have a kind of thinking that the one who is not fully graduated or who have not yet finished their high school will not be able to repair their PC or even if I do they will have a concept that my product will not be good at all. May be I was born to be good at computers though I faced the technological part of world only few years ago and that would be about 2-3 years ago. Still then I am better then the people who are running IT and Electronic shops in Bajo and the one who have done graduation in IT.

 That I can guaranty, because when some of my friends laptop and desktops were not been repaired from those shops the last option that they go is to come to me. Even in such case I have repaired about 5-6 computers which is enough to prove that I am better then them in many case. So starting from today what I would do is focus in both parts that is computers and education from school. Education of school seems to be the main reason because only after completing my higher education then only I will be able to go for further studies in computers....

Hoping For Good.

Farewell for Class 12 (Speech).

Sorry to say but I was not able to deliver these speech of mine that I have prepared in a hurry which was asked to me by our school captian. I was unable to, because almost everyone of the guest that is teachers and the students were gone by the time I was out of the kitchen preparing lunch for all of us. After that I was sad thinking I was unable to deliver my speech but after a while I thought why don’t I post it in my blog so that not only the present students of Bajo be the one to hear these rather let me share so that it will be universal to all the students in and around the country and also beyond these that.

After such a hard work of you all from your first grade till now you all have been working hard so that you will be able to make a good or better future of yours after you finish your current grade that is 12th grade. It is not only you who are here but even the teachers who are here with us today have gone through same way. That is why they all are here with us from our starting day of the school till the end guiding us in what ever things that we do and helping us in our bad times.

Not to mention it but, there are some of our friends who are not here with us right now, not even in the school and that is because they did not listen to the teachers advise and they crossed the line thinking that they look cool or it might be because they were always thinking of doing that. But to the one who are here it was your choice and you all have fulfilled that by working towards it.

Finally everything has come to an end right friend? While it is, and there might be some of you down there who are very happy or excited because it’s the end of your second term and after that you all are going to get a long vacation, apart from that some of you may not like to hear this but if you don’t study and wait for the exam to end then you may land up in repeating the same grade next year too, where by you will be waiting for same speech that I am delivering right now next year.

These is the end and starting next year some of you may have to join job market, or you will be there in the collage doing the course that you chose or the one that you all are asked to by your elders. Other then those who qualify there will be some who will be going for further studies paying by yourself and some by government. Let me not make you all worry for your future rather lets hope that all of you will qualify and be a good citizen of Bhutan tomorrow.

Remember one thing even after you all leave this school that is Bajothang Higher Secondary School as you all know, you all are going to be the history and also a part of Bajo family, not only that because of who you all are right now there is going to be a difference in upcoming students of these school.
Completing class 12 is one thing and succeeding in life after that is another. Just think for a movement if you chose one way from tomorrow and when you finally finish everything and in the end, if you regret of what you are, then what you have learned till that time is going to be useless, what I am trying to say is go for the course that you love not the one that you are asked to by any of your elders.
Any way brothers and sisters what we all your junior grade wants to say is that do work hard and be who you are and make a difference in your life in a good way. Any way it was nice of you all who have given a part of your time for us and also to the teachers who have been working hard to shave their future. Hope all of you will live a good future from the day you all graduate from this school.

All the best for what ever you do, and be the Best.

Past, Present and Future.

I might have written lots of things in my previous post but what I am going to write today is going to be one of them and some it will be posted in future.
Today is the last day of holiday after 2 days and today is the 3rd and it is Sunday too. For me in the beginning from the starting of the holiday I thought of revising but to my surprise I did not even opened a single book! But from today I am going to revise and I am sure that there might be other students same like me who have not yet revised
but don’t worry we have enough time guys. When I say enough time some of you might be thinking how but here I got some ways for all of you to revise and that too is very simple. First of all you should be equipped with everything that you will need when doing revision starting from eraser to rough book, text book and note books.

Now the next thing that you all need is about 4-5 hours a day to do revision. Before that make a timetable that will includes your entire subject till two days left for your exam. Now start your revision focusing in the main and important points more and just giving a little hit to the one that is minor. And the other thing is try to look at the book and revise from the side of your teacher thinking which one might be important and also try to get a glance to the questions that might or may come in the exam. When only two days is left for your exam rest for one whole day in the first day and starting from the last day prepare for your upcoming test.

These is what I am going to do from today and I think that for some of you it may work but for some it won’t so if it didn’t then try the other way the one that you think is best for you.