School VS Ability!

There use to be a time when I revised all the subject before doing the exam and that was in the past in my junior class. But now everything have changed for me as I am in grade 11 and I don't feel like doing it at all. I myself don't know what reason lies behinds these but what I really know is I am not at all interested in the subject that I learn all of them. When I say all of them there might be some of you who might be thinking why I am saying that? While it's because in order to live my dream I have to learn all the subject. No matter what or how I try to revise my subject book when I open the text book I feel like throwing it in the corner of my room. To be true I am very much interested in Technology and from my cousin's, friends, and also elders view they say that I am really good at all those stuff.

 Till now I have repaired many of my friends laptop and PC's and that also without payment. I am not expecting money when I repair their computer but what I love in repairing electronics's gadgets. Some of my friends suggest me to open a computer repair shop and run that apart from studying if I am not at all interested in schooling. For me what they say is also right but in this kind of circumstances what one should thinks is also for their future. Just imagine if I really open a electronic shop and start doing that business who will come to my shop? I would say no one because people have a kind of thinking that the one who is not fully graduated or who have not yet finished their high school will not be able to repair their PC or even if I do they will have a concept that my product will not be good at all. May be I was born to be good at computers though I faced the technological part of world only few years ago and that would be about 2-3 years ago. Still then I am better then the people who are running IT and Electronic shops in Bajo and the one who have done graduation in IT.

 That I can guaranty, because when some of my friends laptop and desktops were not been repaired from those shops the last option that they go is to come to me. Even in such case I have repaired about 5-6 computers which is enough to prove that I am better then them in many case. So starting from today what I would do is focus in both parts that is computers and education from school. Education of school seems to be the main reason because only after completing my higher education then only I will be able to go for further studies in computers....

Hoping For Good.