Past, Present and Future.

I might have written lots of things in my previous post but what I am going to write today is going to be one of them and some it will be posted in future.
Today is the last day of holiday after 2 days and today is the 3rd and it is Sunday too. For me in the beginning from the starting of the holiday I thought of revising but to my surprise I did not even opened a single book! But from today I am going to revise and I am sure that there might be other students same like me who have not yet revised
but don’t worry we have enough time guys. When I say enough time some of you might be thinking how but here I got some ways for all of you to revise and that too is very simple. First of all you should be equipped with everything that you will need when doing revision starting from eraser to rough book, text book and note books.

Now the next thing that you all need is about 4-5 hours a day to do revision. Before that make a timetable that will includes your entire subject till two days left for your exam. Now start your revision focusing in the main and important points more and just giving a little hit to the one that is minor. And the other thing is try to look at the book and revise from the side of your teacher thinking which one might be important and also try to get a glance to the questions that might or may come in the exam. When only two days is left for your exam rest for one whole day in the first day and starting from the last day prepare for your upcoming test.

These is what I am going to do from today and I think that for some of you it may work but for some it won’t so if it didn’t then try the other way the one that you think is best for you.