Farewell for Class 12 (Speech).

Sorry to say but I was not able to deliver these speech of mine that I have prepared in a hurry which was asked to me by our school captian. I was unable to, because almost everyone of the guest that is teachers and the students were gone by the time I was out of the kitchen preparing lunch for all of us. After that I was sad thinking I was unable to deliver my speech but after a while I thought why don’t I post it in my blog so that not only the present students of Bajo be the one to hear these rather let me share so that it will be universal to all the students in and around the country and also beyond these that.

After such a hard work of you all from your first grade till now you all have been working hard so that you will be able to make a good or better future of yours after you finish your current grade that is 12th grade. It is not only you who are here but even the teachers who are here with us today have gone through same way. That is why they all are here with us from our starting day of the school till the end guiding us in what ever things that we do and helping us in our bad times.

Not to mention it but, there are some of our friends who are not here with us right now, not even in the school and that is because they did not listen to the teachers advise and they crossed the line thinking that they look cool or it might be because they were always thinking of doing that. But to the one who are here it was your choice and you all have fulfilled that by working towards it.

Finally everything has come to an end right friend? While it is, and there might be some of you down there who are very happy or excited because it’s the end of your second term and after that you all are going to get a long vacation, apart from that some of you may not like to hear this but if you don’t study and wait for the exam to end then you may land up in repeating the same grade next year too, where by you will be waiting for same speech that I am delivering right now next year.

These is the end and starting next year some of you may have to join job market, or you will be there in the collage doing the course that you chose or the one that you all are asked to by your elders. Other then those who qualify there will be some who will be going for further studies paying by yourself and some by government. Let me not make you all worry for your future rather lets hope that all of you will qualify and be a good citizen of Bhutan tomorrow.

Remember one thing even after you all leave this school that is Bajothang Higher Secondary School as you all know, you all are going to be the history and also a part of Bajo family, not only that because of who you all are right now there is going to be a difference in upcoming students of these school.
Completing class 12 is one thing and succeeding in life after that is another. Just think for a movement if you chose one way from tomorrow and when you finally finish everything and in the end, if you regret of what you are, then what you have learned till that time is going to be useless, what I am trying to say is go for the course that you love not the one that you are asked to by any of your elders.
Any way brothers and sisters what we all your junior grade wants to say is that do work hard and be who you are and make a difference in your life in a good way. Any way it was nice of you all who have given a part of your time for us and also to the teachers who have been working hard to shave their future. Hope all of you will live a good future from the day you all graduate from this school.

All the best for what ever you do, and be the Best.