I never thought about love of mother to their child, and the hard work that they do to help their child in growing up. My mother no one would like to hear about it I am glad that I have someone like her in my life.

Other then her I have seen other's too but only those who are really working hard for their childern and also those who just don't care what their child's are up to. A friend of mine with whom we became friend from my 6th grade is now living with his mother, his dad died few years ago.

Friends Mother:

Tow of them my friends mother and her husband were living a happliy married life but after couple of years things changed. Her husband started to drink and by the time he was addicted they already had three kids all boys. Two of them were working in same organization. Their mother beared all the pain a person have to bear in the family when someone who is head of the family is not the person to be trusted.

Time came when their father started to drink in credit because the his salary was not enough for himself, but his wife was running the house from her salary and paying her husbands debts also. Their youngest child TN and I met in Wangdue Lower Secondary School when I was in sixth grade. TN with his mother and other brothers came into our shop and became a daily customers. Not only that his mother and mine became a good friend.

After two years when we were in 8th grade their house caught fire and that time one interesting thing happened were TN's father helped them too. That incident made whole family happy and when their father was going under treatment for quiting ahcolol he died after two weeks starting the day that their house was on fire.

That day on their mother was the only one who was earning in the famiy still then she was able to run her house and keep her sons happy by letting them continue their education. At present she is still running her house but sadly she is under debt from the bank becasue she took loan to sent her elder son to study. These days she always come to our shop and chat with my mom about 1-2 hours a day and leaves for her home.

These is a story of my friend's mothers struggle. While if I share mine that going to give me lots of trouble from different direction so I will think about it and look forward to share with you all. Thanks!

What's your Story?

Note: Please don't mind if there is any mistakes becasue when something come into my mind I directly post it here without checking anything and giving second thought.

Install app for free without paying in iOS device?

There might some of you who want some of the app from app store badly but you can't download because it has to be paid.

Here in these post I am going to tell you all how to install it without paying and that also for free.

Firstly you need your iOS device to be Jailbroken and after that, you'll find one new app in your home screen with a name Cydia. Connect your device to internet and open cydia there you will see 5 Tabs at the bottom so from there select Source and click edit.

Now after clicking edit there you will find one button at the left top side of your screen i.e Add, click add button and a pop-up window will appear asking you to add a URL there type
and click on done button.

After that in the same windows of source open link and search for Appsync iOS 7+ and open it.
After oppenig that click on install and it'll install automatically.
When you finish installing the app will ask you to restart springboard so click on that.

Now your device will restart.
Plug in your device to PC and download the app that you need from other websites and add it to your device through iTunes. You are now good to go.
Good Luck.!

Change File Explorer Background.

Tired or bored of white background while opening any of your Folers in your Windows?
Check These out:

Step 1: Download the latest version of WindowBlinds copy by visiting this page. The setup file is ~48 MB.

Step 2: Next, launch the setup and follow on-screen instructions to complete installing it on your PC. Note that the setup offers you install Start8 program to add the Start menu to Windows 8/8.1. Start8 is not a free program and if you don’t want to install it, please uncheck the option titled Yes, also install Start8 that appears when you click the Next button.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step1
Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step2

You might be asked to reboot your computer to complete the installation. If you’re prompted to do so, click Yes button to restart right away or click No to manually reboot later.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step3

Step 3: Once installed, launch WindowBlinds. If you want to test drive the software without purchasing it, click Continue Trial option.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step4

Step 4: In the left-pane, select a style other than the default Windows 8.1 style, click Background tab on the right-side.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step5

Step 5: Click Explorer Backgrounds to choose a texture for folder background. And if you want to use a custom picture, click Create texture button located at the bottom and then browse to the picture file that you wish to set as Windows Explorer (File Explorer) background.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step6

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step7

You will see an option to select the area of the picture that you would like to set as folder background. You can either select a portion of the image or click Select all of original image button.

Change Folder Background In Windows 8.1 Using WindowBlinds Step8

Step 6: Finally, click Apply Style button to set the new skin and your selected picture as folder background in Windows 8.1. WindowBlinds will automatically restart the Explorer to apply the changes. Good luck!

Activate Windiws 8 and Microsoft Office 2013.

These are lots of people using Windiws 8 and office 2013 but only few of them have those software and windows Activated and there are others who might be bored of message saying Activate your Windows and Office 13.

Here I have a software Download just top make sure that you can activate your Windows and Office 13. But be reminded that after activating your windows you cannot update windows after that but you can activate other in-buid softwares...
Download your Software fromthe link Given...


Visit for more help for any of your electronic device or contact me @

Downgrade iOS via iTunes.

Don't want the latest software or the firmware rather want to use old one? Then here is what you can do to downgrade your iOS version with any device.

Step 1: Download old version of iTunes (11.0.5 or earlier) and install it but before that if you already have then remove that completely.

Step 2: After that download iOS firmware the one that you want to downgrade your device to which is compitable with your device from

Step 3: Now keep on pressing Home button and power button at the same time in your device. After a while your device will restart and iTunes logo will appear with a picture of USB cable indicating that your device is in recovery mode. Let go of the button.

Step 4: Connect your device to the computer and open iTunes, on opening iTunes a pop-up windows will appear asking you to restore your device. Don't click ok just close that and press shift in windows and Alt/option key in Mac and click restore.

Step 5: A window will appear after clicking on restore, from that window locate the location of your downloaded firmware and open it.

Step 6: Now you are good to go. Everything will be done just have same patient.

NOTE: Anyone trying these steps please be aware that sometimes because of some problem your device may not be downgraded and I am not responsible for any of the copyright claim or other stuffs that you carry out. Not only in these post it's same with the previous one and upcoming too...

If anyone of you have any problem do inform me I will be happy to help.