I never thought about love of mother to their child, and the hard work that they do to help their child in growing up. My mother no one would like to hear about it I am glad that I have someone like her in my life.

Other then her I have seen other's too but only those who are really working hard for their childern and also those who just don't care what their child's are up to. A friend of mine with whom we became friend from my 6th grade is now living with his mother, his dad died few years ago.

Friends Mother:

Tow of them my friends mother and her husband were living a happliy married life but after couple of years things changed. Her husband started to drink and by the time he was addicted they already had three kids all boys. Two of them were working in same organization. Their mother beared all the pain a person have to bear in the family when someone who is head of the family is not the person to be trusted.

Time came when their father started to drink in credit because the his salary was not enough for himself, but his wife was running the house from her salary and paying her husbands debts also. Their youngest child TN and I met in Wangdue Lower Secondary School when I was in sixth grade. TN with his mother and other brothers came into our shop and became a daily customers. Not only that his mother and mine became a good friend.

After two years when we were in 8th grade their house caught fire and that time one interesting thing happened were TN's father helped them too. That incident made whole family happy and when their father was going under treatment for quiting ahcolol he died after two weeks starting the day that their house was on fire.

That day on their mother was the only one who was earning in the famiy still then she was able to run her house and keep her sons happy by letting them continue their education. At present she is still running her house but sadly she is under debt from the bank becasue she took loan to sent her elder son to study. These days she always come to our shop and chat with my mom about 1-2 hours a day and leaves for her home.

These is a story of my friend's mothers struggle. While if I share mine that going to give me lots of trouble from different direction so I will think about it and look forward to share with you all. Thanks!

What's your Story?

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