I am late.

I am not so sure why I am having these feeling and on top of that I can't even describe how I am feeling. It's been a really long time I was not able to update my blog and reason is simple I was busy.

Result day is finished, Captainship election is also done and since last Friday an open football tournament has also been started in the school which is conducted by the school itself. Now there is only one task of mine that I have to do in the school and that is to deliver a speech tomorrow in Dzongkha.


I am happy these year that I passed the exam of half term and that shows that I have improved compared to last year and that is not what I am up to. People particularly my parents and teachers say that I have the potential to be the best and I won't argue with them rather I would accept what they are saying because I was the best but now I am not who I was before. These is not the end though we don't know when we will die but we also don't know till when will we live so there is lots of time for me to improve and it's not late.


Starting last year these program was started and I was there in 11th grade last year and these year too. I had a hope that I would be selected as one of the candidate for the Captainship election but sadly I was not. I tried my best to improve in case of my personal character but may be others did not notice me, I might have been judged by my past or I am not capable for that. I don't really care because for me it's not that important as my studies. So whatever it is those who have already been elected as captain do your best and don't let those who have selected you all to regret for selecting you.


After all these I don't have anything to do no notes to be written nothing to read nor any in-completed task because I am changed and these is new Chidananda.

No matter what I will be who I am and no one can understand me people I am always the other person wherever I go so don't try to understand me rather try to befriend with me nothing more to say.

It's studying time friends work hard.... 

There might be some mistake in the text so please don't mind for that because I write what I feel directly and I don't like to go through it again...