Equal Development.

I am sorry for my readers there who might have been waiting for my next post but I was not really aware of what to write. In one of my previous post I have written about Bhutan telecom because they were late in setting a telephone line in my house.

Just yesterday I was surfing through Bhutan telecoms website when I was carried out by a image on the top where it says that they are going to set up 4G network in captial and there it is also mentioned that 4G network is 3 times faster then 3G network. While I am not going agianst what BT are doing but I got a question for all the people, that is will you be happy if the fruit that you have bought looks very fresh and good from outside but it is rotten when you pill or cut it into two half?

Or let's take an example of a class, if you are one of the student in a class will you be happy if only the captian is awarded the award but you all are excluded, even when the work was done equally by all of you? From my side I would say that non of us would be happy if that kind of thing happened right! For me also I find it similar when BT are planning 4G in Thimphu.

What I would suggest to all of you is please stop that if you can, and firstly make 3G avaliable in every corner of the country by using the money that you all are going to use in setting up 4G in captial. I don't mean to say that you all are only developing Thimphu or it's not also that we people of Wangdue are only having 3G. Just think in your case with that money that you all are thinking of setting up 4G in Thimphu if you set up 3G in every corner of the country where there is coverage of B-mobile network, after that from the income of that you can start setting up 4G won't that be great?

I don't know whether the people of Thimphu are demanding or requesting for 4G network but what I feel is I think they are really happy with what they have at present. What I want to say is please all the orginasation who are in same track not only BT please learn to put smile in all the people instead of putting more in some and ignoring others.

These is just a request with some example and I don't have any intention to harm anyone.
In particular BT do forgive me if you all have some other purpose behind setting up 4G in captial if not other purpose then please try to understand what message I am trying to convey.