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One of the best event in the history of bajothang higher secondary school. Election of captions for next year from the nominates made by the class teacher and subject teacher of class 11 Sci and Commerce. It was sometimes ago when the nominates were asked to come and take the photo so that it will be pasted in the electronic voting machine. Though the same event was held some years ago there was no such facilities like electronic voting machine. Rather students were asked to rase their hand and from their captions were elected.

But it was not comfortable so, that kind of steps were cancelled. But today every nominates were asked to make speech in the assembly ground in the morning. Starting from 4th period students from class 12 as per the roll no were asked to enter the election room, following the process we voted the captions.

The main reason for conducting such activities in the school was to give more time for the seniors to study particularly class 12. But it is not that the responsibility that they have taken till now won't be recognized starting today, rather they will be awarded as per their responsibility on the school award day.

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