Wow I was suprised!

I Was asked to come to the Wangdue bridge to deliver a book that I have sold to the person who lived in Zhemgang and I have to give it to his friend who was in his way to captial. I was just sitting there in the blocks near the bridge, when I was trying to take a photo of the burned Wangdue Dzong a question striked my head and that was why is it that when something bad happens it destroys everything whereas when we build such kind of things it takes many months. Not only that I also thought why are we people so intellegent that so many unexpected things are made like computers, chip, phones, airplanes, vehicle, cameras, electricity and much more... If we the students are asked to write a simple essay on a given topic then I would say that we would probably make lots of mistakes. In the photo above it shows us a Dzong commonly known as frotress which takes years and years to build but it took only 3.5 hours to burn down completely. From these thing I would say it shows us that not everything is permanent, rather everything has its own end like the frotress though it can be build agian it will not be as same as it was before. So what ever we do in life we should be prepared with things that will happen in and around us. And also about the things that people create just think why can't we make something new and be popular like others did? It's probably because we never think beyond what we are taught rather when we even think, what we are not taught then we have a perception that it is wrong. That is why we are never able to or we never succeed in making or creaking new things. I heard few days ago that though Apple fell from the tree no one gave a second thought why it did whereas Sir Issac Newton had that curtisy to think so he learned something new which no one ever did and we also got a chance to learn it. So friends I would say not all the things that we haven't learn are wrong rather they are the things that has not yet been proved, why?