Bad movie!

I watched a movie called Mac and Delvin goes to high school where Mac was Snoop Dog and delvin was Wiz Kalifa. It was inspiring movie but one should know how to think positive if you want to make it inspiring for you. A movie where Mac has been repeating for past five years and Delvin one of the smart student in that collage. Two of them hate each other because Mac supplies drug to the people and teaches other students to use it but Delvin is always concerned about his studies as he is dreaming of continuing his studies in Yale university after passing from the present school so he is not included in such activities. But what happen next between two of them is very interesting. When I say interesting some of you may think that they are going to start a fight or quarrel but that is not going to happen. Before their final exam they are going to have a science exhibition show. For that show each students are given their partner to work on their choice of exhibites. Now the interesting part is going to come were Mac and Delvin are the partner who have to work together for the exhibition show. Delvin tries to reach Mac but he fails every time because Mac always got an excuse. After some time their science lenticular gets changed by a women who is same age to Mac. Mac falls into her, he goes to her and ask for a date where she says that he is still her student and she doesn't date a student, in that case Mac says he have to leave the school but she says she also don't date with drop out, when Mac ask her what is the final option she says he have to graduate from that school. That day onwards Mac plans to study. But for Delvin he says that he have to be the best in the exhibition so Mac suggests him to be at his place after the school. Being together Mac teaches Delvin to smoke, use drug and do other bad things. But they are arrested by the cop when they were found in a stripper club doing bad things. In the jail Delvin realize that he was in a bad company with Mac, from that time on he starts to get away from him like before. When they were arrested they had not yet completed their science exhibites but they missed one thing that was the main ingredient that would blow the bulb from the organic substances. After both of them are busted out from the jail they have to summit their science exhibition but duruing that time, only Delvin shows up saying he was unable to find the main ingredient but in surprise Mac enters the roomsaying he had found the ingredient and so they stood first in the exhibites too. After that in their final exam Mac too quailfied and so Delvin got his dream fulfilled that is to go to the Yale university. And the most interesting one is Mac gets to date his chemistry instructor........This is what the Movie is all about but when we watch these we should know that what Mac and Delvin was doing together was bad habit and what Delvin did before meeting Mac was the right thing that we should be doing.

Learn to think positive from every thing that you come across every second.