Mr Passang.

Though he was teacher from my eighth grade I really liked him. Other people might write about him in their blog because he is a well known blogger in the country or maybe to get more views or follower in their blog. 

But today I am writhing about him because he is the only teacher whom I have appreciated till now. The reason for appreciation is he taught me everything starting from my grade 8 about day to day life experiences. He was the teacher who really understood my personal problems, he too adviced me in many fields apart from schools lesson. From girlfriend to parents and thyself. Even though I was not taught by him after my 8th grade I always walked by his side sometimes talking taking out some topics and sometimes by being a member in his club. 

Every time we are told something by him I get inspired and always dreamed of becoming a person even greater then him, in everything so that a day will come when he will appreciate me. For some times ago I have been writing bad things in my blog and making a bad use of social media but after one of the club he asked me to stay back and adviced me on where I am going wrong. That day I realized that I was on the wrong track. Till now you have done so many thing and helped me in many ways while today I would like to thank you in this article and I am sure everything will be same after these though nothing wrong have happened and am expecting one day I will be a good help to you.