Bhutan Telecom

It was just yesterday that my dad have been to the Telecom office asking why were they late in setting up the Internet connection in his house while the explanation was still the same and that was, the cable have not yet reached. I was surprised because they have been giving the same excuse or the defect that they were having 3 weeks before. But today I also heard from one of my friend that his dad has asked for the maintenance of the cable which was actually not working, he told me his dad had even paid the money and that was about 2 weeks ago but they have not yet received the people from Telecom. Their excuse was that they dont have the cable but how can that happen even after 3 weeks i would say that 1 week would be enough for them to get the cable but 3 weeks. I just want to ask why is such things happening? If I am wrong do forgive me but I would say such type of thing might be happening in and around the country. Is it because there is no one to challenge in the market? But now I would like to ask Tashi cooperation to start to supply Internet to the people and make delivery and do maintenance on time then you are going to make a good money compared to Bmobile or Bhutan Telecom in these field.

These is what happened with my dad and a friend of mine here in Wangdue.

Looking for a better change.