Unfinished Book.

I have been thinking of reading this book everyday leaving behind my most important work, that is to study my subject book. I was surprised after a number of days that I could not read beyond the first chapter. It was not because I could not understand it but because every time I read it I started agian from Begning. Don't know what I have been doing but the reason was because every time I started I thought of starting with a very good foundation but the very next day I thought it same way but did not thought if continuing from previous day. These is same in our life also because when ever we think of doing good thing or improving its better to start once and continue on that apart from starting everyday because even if you start everyday you will always land up doing same things all the time and you will never proceed to next level. Doing same thing everyday may make us good in that particular task but starting same thing again and again we will never make us succeed in what ever we are doing in our day to day life. From now on ward I am starting once and continuing that from the next day instead of letting same things happen everyday.