Inspiring book ever!

Tuesday with Morrie was a book that my friend Noryang gifted me when I was fifteen years old as my birthday gift. The book is about a professor and a student, who was appreciated by his professor and he too loved his professor very much.

 In the graduation day his professor cries in front of his parents as his student was leaving after completing his study in that collage. After the graduation Mitch the student, his brother dies because of a cancer and he was the only one to look after himself and also his brothers family. By working hard he become one of the well known journalist in that area where he lived. After he gained lots of fame he received many numbers of letters from his collage asking for donation. After a certain time thinking that all the letter from the collage was about a donation he ignored all of them. But accidentally one fine morning when he was out he notices an unusual thing and that was his professor, in a wheel chair. There he realize that his professor was suffering from neorun which was the same disease Stephen Hawlking was going through.

 Starting that day every week on Tuesday he makes a visit to his professor always taking something to eat for him but his kind hearted goods or foods is of no use to his professor as his condition gets worse day by day. But for Mitch it was very surprising to notice his professor how he lived his life even when he knew that he was going to die. He never dreamed of going to a place that he have never been to, ask for a food he have not ate, nor did he asked to do things that he thought of doing but was not able to, which Mitch have seen people asking for when they were about to die.

 After he discovered that he was going to die he made a final visit to his collage and made a farewell speech for his students and his friends. That was the saded day for Morrie the professor because he never though that he would be saying bye to that collage in such condition. After that he shares Mitch many facts of life and shares lots of things that he had experienced in his life till that time. But very embarrassingly he dies on a day when there is no one near him but Mitch knows that his professor did that because he remembered a time when prifessor told him that he want to die when there is people around because he don't want to die seeing sad people around him rather he wants to die a pleasent death.

These might be just a Nobel that I read but its one of the most inspiring book that I had ever read till now though there is a long journey for me to walk. For the first time my life I cried for an hour after i finished reading the book. When I cried I did not cry because of the sad ending rather visualizing the whole story agian from the starting to the end and living every single step that Mitch and Morrie had lived which was very sad. I would suggest all the readers of this article to read these book once as you are going to love it and also I am sure that the next day you finish reading this book you would ask one of your friend or a relatives to read the same book that I am asking you to, today.

Books are the clues or treasures that we people find while walking the unknown journey that everyone of us are doing everyday.