Wangdue Municipal!!!!

Wow we are loving it when there are such thing happening in and around the Wangdue town. Just yesterday when I was in my room studying and I heard people saying fire! Fire! But when I went out I found out that it was a small fire that was burning the plastic covering of the bulb of street light that you will find in Wangdue town. Like the one in photo. I moved closer to the pole to take a picture and also to turn off the fuse that is found near the ground of that particular pole. But when I reached near the pole some of the people asked me not to go further. So I stopped there. After a while one of my friends dad who was a Gup went and tried to do what I was thinking of doing. To my surprise he said that the lock was not unlock-able. Very soon he called police but a person from BPC came and when asked why aren't you all taking a good care of such things, but he said that he is not responsible for that rather Wangdue Municipal is. When I heard that I was supirised because how come Wangdue Municipal is so care less that they are not taking care of such thing in the developing town. To be true I am inspired to write these because the pole lied just above the Wangdue petroleum. For a video you can check this Link in YouTube .