Just take a look at these picture what we notice is normal that is we can see different time at different places. If we are asked the reason behind for these then I am sure there are many of us who do know the reason for it. Is that all that we are going to notice when we take a look at the picture? Well I would say there is many. Firstly we see different time in different places but what we fail to notice is that people in that places are also doing different thing. Even if we try to think of what people might be doing than its going to take a lot of time. But we never try to think that way because what we think is that we are going to waste our time or we will make an excuse by saying we are bored or else. The second one is we see time passing but that makes no different to us because that normal for us. Rather it indicates that every second is being spend and we are making no good use of it. After number of days when we think back then we will regret or feel happy of what we have done before. What all the people wants is to not regret after doing a particular thing so the best solution is to think and make a good use of the time.