Get rid of iOS 8 beta restoring Problem.

Currently I heard that Apple have already launched iOS 8 beta and beta 2 for iOS developers to get rid of bugs and problems that it causes. So what I did was I downloaded iOS 8 beta 2 for my iPad mini A1432 it works with any though. After installing the iOS 8 firmware I was unable to activate the UDID registration as I could not pay $9.99 not because I don't have the money but because I am still a kid without bank account.

After not being able to downgrade I tried many ways like downloading various version of iOS firmware compitable with my iPad and tried downgrading it but nothing good happened. But at last I finally found the solution. That is...

Note that you don't need to download any firmware.

Step 1: Create another icloud ID for free but don't register these ID in Apple developer website.

Step 2: Deauthorise your iTunes with the Apple ID that you have registered to apple developer.

Step 3: Now connect your apple device by putting it into Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Restore your device but when iTunes ask you to input password for your Apple ID just type the new Apple ID that you have created and proceed forward you are done now.....ENJOY!