Had there been no exam how would our education system be? That's the one question that I have been asking to myself from the time when I attended my first exam. No matter what, I always thought that proving what we have learned in an hour or two or three is not fair. Neither do I know what is fair in education system as it is managed by the ministry of education.

One interesting thing that happened to me about the same topic when I was in tenth grade. After finishing my last national exam I and some of my friends were waiting for other friends outside the examination hall. There our examination invigilator came out of the hall and asked us how was our exam until now. We said that it went well and without thinking anything I told her that it's not fair that we have to show what we have learned in a year just in 2-3 hours. There she said that, that is how it is we cannot change anything, from the starting of the education system in our country our king and other people have been doing the same thing until now.

That time I agreed to her and concluded that we have to attain exam no matter what we think or do we have to show what we have learned in a year just in few hours.

Apart from that when I was young I use to think that if I failed I would top the class next year as I was good in studies in lower classes. I never thought that a person fail in exam by not knowing what he or she have learned in that year. Now when I failed and after repeating the same class I came to know that we fail not by luck or destiny rather we fail because we don't score enough mark to pass the exam which means we are not able to show that we have learned a lot in that particular year.

My exam have already started and today's it's the second one I don't know what is happening to me as I don't feel like studying at all because I feel like I know what I am studying but thats wrong. I am having that type of perception because I have studied same book the previous year so it makes me feel that way. Yesterday on seeing that I was not studying my dad asked me to pass in the current grade he told me there is no need to top the class or whatever you have to score good marks in your 12th grade so it's finilized that I will do that. I have learned same books for two and a half year but these time I am doing my revision in eleventh hour and attending my exam but that's not how it is going to be in annual exam.

People reading these post if student then be reminded that studying till 12th grade in important for you to decide what you want to be and how you want that to happen. Any any of you who have not yet started your revision then better start as your door is already opened.

REMEMBER: We the youth may not form 100% of our countries population but we do form 100% of its future.....