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Book review on Tuesdays with Morrie
“Tuesdays with Morrie” is really a very touching book. The author is Mitch Albom on the cover. However, there is another writer of the book: Albom’s old professor, Morrie, the hero of this book. In the story, the author had lost contact with his professor in the college, Morrie, for nearly 20 years. However, one day, when Mitch saw Morrie again on the television, he found out that Morrie has Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It was terminal by the time he had discovered the disease and he was going to die within a year. Caring about Morrie, the author came back to his professor again, and the last class of the professor began. It took place once a week, every Tuesday, in his house. The student was the author. The subject of the class was the meaning of life. It was taught from experience, it was not taught in school. The author wrote their class into a book-“Tuesdays with Morrie” and it is the “final gift” from Morrie to his class.
I love this book and this is the book which has impressed me most among all books I have read, probably because of Morrie. He was brave, optimistic and humorous. When he was facing the illness, he suffered great pain and he needed to be totally dependent on others. For example, as he said, “I need someone to wipe my ass for me.” It was very embarrassing. Also, it was very depressing for him to know that he was going to die soon. But instead of mourning and grieving, Morrie tried to live happily and meaningfully. He said joke to delight others. He also thought himself to be very lucky despite his illness because he had love from his relatives and friends. He knew how to find what he had instead of keep thinking how unlucky he was. It was very difficult. In addition, Morrie was very clever, sensible and knew what he needed. He would not follow blindly the culture-chasing after, work for money only and neglect the most important thing in the world: love. He was able to realize that the culture was not right and tried to teach people to think what was really important to them, so that they will not wait until they are dying before they know what they need most is love, and money cannot provide comfort. Even when he was dying, he continued to do so by helping the author to write this book. It also showed that he cared for people he did not know and he used every minute of his life to do meaningful things. That’s why I respect him the author of the book who in real suffered like that in the Nobel and I love these book too, a lot.
This book includes the fourteen classes they had and each covered a topic, for example, forgiveness, family, the world. From these lessons, I have learnt the important of love. Anyway, the most important thing I have learnt is that I have found my aim. In the past, I was very busy at studying, so busy that I started to study mechanically, like a robot. I lost my original aim of studying without noticing. I was chasing after the wrong, meaningless thing, without realizing that. Also, I was so concentrated on my interest that I neglected the love and care from my families and other studies that I had to do.. I took all that for granted without return. Yet, in reality, they are the most important things to me. After reading this book, I finally realized what I had done in these years. Through this book, I have found my real aim of studying to contribute to the society and give happiness to people. And I learned to give more love and care to people around us and treasure them. Furthermore, I have learnt to treasure every day and everything, to live every day fully and meaningfully, to love and to be loves, so that we will not regret until it is too late, when we are dying.
In this book, the scene that impressed me most was that in the last Tuesday, Mitch was dying and he said goodbye to Mitch. Mitch cried, first time for many years. It was really touching by seeing the intense love between them, like a real father and a son. It indeed set a good example of how to love. I cried too, after that I have attended the class also through reading the book and I have treated Morrie like my teacher. I did cry not once but about five to six times.
The author has made this a good book by writing it well, through which the lessons of Morrie are taught more impressively. First, throughout the book, in between the last 14 lessons of Morrie, the author would include some incidents happened about Morrie and Mitch 2o years ago. That made a comparison between the present and the past and we can know more about the old professor before he got the illness. Also, it occasionally quoted some famous speech related to the topic so that the lessons could be more impressive. Moreover, the author did not try to describe how much the professor suffered, how popular he was or how optimistic he was directly. Instead, he only expressed all these through the speech and behaviour of the characters so that your heart is deeply touched by the truth. There is a lot writing skills we can learn.
After reading this book I was touched deeply and I have learnt a lot of thing. It help me to start a new life, a more meaningful life as I have found what I really need in this book. That is love, and the love in this book has made me feel very warm. You must read this book! I am sure you can learn something from it. The Tuesday lessons of life were not just for the author, it had been written for all of us. It was the precious gift from Morrie before he died. Just like the author said, “Though Morrie had died, his love and spirit and love remain, and the teaching goes on”.

Just after finishing the reading of the book I felt like, instead of The Giver in class ten there should have be these book as I found one of the most interesting and lovable book of mine from my childhood till now.