Life is a journey of Obstacles.

For so long I have been thinking to change for good but in some of the fields I lacked behind. After some days now I feel the real difference between two of these thing. Study, be frank and respect others that is what that makes you happy. I have been lying to all my friends, elders, teachers and parents that I have stopped smoking but that was untrue. At past i use to take money from my parents shop when I was asked to stay in, but I never from others property. And now I realize what all that things were. For some time I was happy with my friends who were in bad company.

That happiness was only a happiness of sorrow. So many things happened. Today not to mention but as it was week end i smoked a cigarette and I was caught red handed by my favorite teacher and also the one who trusted me the most. I don't know how sir felt but I was slapped in the spot. I am not happy not because sir slapped me but I was found smoking (Doing bad thing), I am not sure how the sir felt like when he saw me that way but I want to apology him for me being bad.

Till now I was cheating myself not to those to whom I was lying. Starting now I want any of my friends to report to teachers and my parents if you all find me doing any of the bad things. Also to those readers of my blog I want to inform you all that from today I won't be blogging as I have some other important things to do and that is to study, I need more time in that compared to blog. If possible I will be blogging during week ends that also only if it is possible.