I never knew that being a responsible person for big jobs was that easy until I got one. In my case it was not about on but it was in a school Rimdo where I was MC and apart from that I was also working in kitchen so it was kind of big responsibility that I was holding.

Early morning I went to the school not knowing what I would be doing the whole day as I was not even assigned Ny work by the captains and even when I asked them that I want to be MC then they rejected my request by saying that " they have already assigned that post to one of the captain " on hearing these I asked him why aren't giving such responsibility to the lower classes where his reply was " take the responsibility when you reach 12th grade if you really want to take," after that without saying anything I left him and tried to forget what he told me.

As soon as I reached school I was like a boat in the middle of the ocean without knowing how to sail the boat. At the same time I had a laptop of a teacher who have asked me to format it as he was busy one way and other he had no idea how to make the CD bootable and format from the boot menu in windows XP as it is not same as that of other windows like windows 7 and 8.

On reaching to the class I was not so sure what to do so I left to return the laptop. When I reached the main office of the teachers that is located in front of the basketball court the teacher that I was looking for was not there. When I was unsuccessful in finding the teacher I was returning to my class when something caught my attention. It was those captian who rejected my request to be the MC. They were beside the lawn located below the MP hall of bajothang higher secondary school. They were preparing for the dance program that was going to be held after sometime.

When I was there I saw then without any devices to play the music duruing the program. I thought of taking the advantage of that mistake that they have done so I asked them with what device are they going to play the music? On asking that one of them told me that he is going to play with the phone that he was holding, when I looked at the phone that he was holding it was no other then Nokia X2, wow I was surprised on seeing that, I am not insulting him for the phone that he was holding but how can a phone like that with less ram and 1GB of memory.

Even after that I asked them whether they are bringing any laptop but it was sad for them as they have not managed any laptop. I had the laptop, so I asked them if they want to use it but under one condition and that is I will use it as it is repaired last night so I cannot take risk of others destroying it in any case. Without saying anything they accepted my request and I was there not only using the laptop but as acting as the English MC.

After the first program was over duruing the break time I was there in the kitchen helping others and as I finished helping them I came back to do MC again so I was busy that way. At that time I had no time for lunch either. Acting as MC was not that easy for me, apart from working as MC I learned many things about the way we should speak in such incident and also the importance of being a fluent English speaker.

That was not the only thing that I have learned rather I aslo learned how the things will lend up when it is not coordinated properly. I am it blaming our captain for their responsibility as I am aware of the work that they have to do becasue that is not the only thing that they have to do as there are many other too.

So in life no matter whatever or any kind of work that you are assigned with learn how to do that think and also try to get adopted with the things that you are going to face. Remember "oppourtinuity strikes only once, even if it is same next time it will never be as same as that of previous one"