Regret and Mistake.

After so many bad things that I have done last year, I finally realized that I was following a wrong route. On realizing what I have done till now I knew that its not late for me to improve. As things are coming to track I am happy that there is good part inside me. From the task assigned by the subject teachers to repairing electronic gadgets and helping friends in bad times I am doing good.

No matter what wrong things I have done, I learned how to learn from those mistakes. Like a saying goes "There are no mistakes in life but, there are all lesson from which we can learn new things." I am not so sure how other people tackle with their result when its not good, but in my case I forgot regretting before. When I learned about it, I knew that if we don't regret then there won't be any will of redoing things so that same mistake won't be repeated, so even regretting is helpful in many ways.

Regretting is also not good in bad things that we do but it should be avoided when we are in the wrong track. Like if we are unsuccessful in cheating in exam or test than we should not regret because it will hamper our self. The right way of regretting is in the field of studies and work that we are assigned with.

Not only regretting, whenever we make mistake we should learn to avoid repeating that next time and if someone made a mistake and you we there with those people then let that person know that its a lesson not a mistake.

I have a notice to all the readers that when I am writhing something about my life or incident that happened with me no matter whether that is right or wrong you should learn from them like I said "Learn From Mistakes."