Thanks giving Speech to teachers.

Last Saturday we had a parents teacher meeting in the school and just after that we the students of class 11 Science and commerce had organised a thanks giving tea party to those teachers who have helped us in our journey of success. Again these year I was the one to deliver the speech to the teachers, and here is the speech.

"First of all I would like to thank you all for being with us here in a small tea party that we have organised for all of you who have helped us in every way possible, from the first day of school till the end. You all were the one who made us realize that the mistake we have made is next step to success not a failure.

To all of you here who have taught us and also to those who have not it does not matter becasue inorder to shape our future there is not only the hand of teachers who taught us but also the hand of those who made a difference by not teaching us.

A cup of tea and some number of cookies are not worth the help that you have provided us with but its a moment that we wanted to enjoy with you all here so that you all will know that, your help and guidance is not forgettable and we the students will remember you all throughout our life. Thank You and enjoy the party."