Birthday and School Time.

It's been a very long time that we students have been on a vacation including all the teachers in and around the country. Today is my brother's birthday and nothing special is going to happen. No party, no family dinner in a fancy hotel or a restaurant and not even a birthday party. February 22, 2001, was the day when i got my brother and I am suppose to be the luckiest son ever to have a brother who is really clever and smart then me. Same like all other brothers I never figured out how much I love him until the day last year when I kind of ran away from home.

Our family is not common to others living around us, who celebrate birthday party or have a gift for the birthday guy. As in my previous post I have mentioned that our family grew out of low class family so, its really been hard on all our family members to make a celebration in past years so the culture does not exist.

Yesterday it was out 5th King's birthday and today its my brothers, I can't believe I am really enjoying a lot. There is only two person in our family who know our birthday on the exact day except for mom and dad. But no matter what we are always a family though the birthday does not count much. That's all for the birthday and Happy birthday to all the person who are having the birthday on the same day and also to those who are going to have in future.

School is finally opening, after a 2 months of break and I really missed my school time. Last year I was not that responsible so I failed.No matter what there's always a second chance and that is going to count much then the last one. Like a saying goes "Opportunity does not strike twice, even if it does it will never be as same as before."

Today I am very happy thinking that I have got second chance from all the people starting from my GURU'S (Teachers) who taught me and my parents. I am glad that they understood me. From now on I am letting my past go and focus on present and plan for future.
And most importantly all the readers do remember that You can't repeat the past...