Failure part II

While on my way to my house I was very sad not knowing what my parents would say to me but when I reached firstly my mom asked me how was your result I directly said that I failed but it seemed that she did not believed in me so after a while she again came to me and at that time I was with my dad were he was telling me what failure was and for what reason did I fail. During that time before asking me mom asked my dad about my result as she did not believed in me the previous time. Even dad said that I failed, she just turned around and walked towards shop not saying anything.

I was surprised when mom said nothing. That day I stayed at home not knowing what to do and was also thinking about finding a work if I dropped the school. In the evening after having dinner mom came to my room and told me that today I might have learned what failure is and she also said that sometimes it's better for toppers to fail so that they will know what failing means.

That  moment when I heard those words from mom I realized that I was wrong about dropping school and running away from home.After that I questioned myself did all the students who failed liked me and also those who have failed two to three times have done same things like me that I am thinking today. While the answer was no. I have not even heard one student who have done things of that kind so I removed two of that idea from my one was to drop the school and other running away from home.

From next day I started to make a plan about my future. My plan was about changing myself, like a saying if you want to make someone else good first you should be good. But in my case it was not to make someone good rather it was for myself. My plan started with learning a respect that I have forgotten. After that i tried to stay away from computer and that I still can't. So ignoring that I thought of studying for next year but that too I could not But I was able to study HTML and JAVA. That's all for my second part, I know that I am late.

Every time when a student is asked to do homework some of the STD's fails to so all of them makes an excuse saying they forgot or they were busy in their house and most commonly they will say that they forgot their book in the class only, no one will ever tell the truth no matter what. That is because we the students think that we might be pardoned if we make an excuse. 

In my case thinks what would you do when you have to choice that is to help your parents or ignore that and write for your blog after you fail in your exam? For me I thought helping my parents was better than writing for my blog so I am late. But the question is what field did you help your parents in for 2 weeks. That is not true actually I helped them for first week and in the second week I was in my village where there is no internet so what would I do?