Short Film Festival

It's been a month since Bajothang Short Film Festival has been conducted in the school by my club with the help of Sir Passang Tshering. The program was conducted in order to let students learn those things that they does not come across in their normal classroom. It was competition based program where by, each class have to submit one film based on the theme: YOUTH FOR CHANGE. Their final submission date was in 22nd of September. All the classes that is from 9th to 12th have submitted me each clip though some of them failed to. 

Out of 18 sections only three of them failed to submit but there were some of the classes who submitted two clip. Though they were informed that only one clip will be accepted because some did not submit I accosted their films. The films that each classes have submitted me are very interesting and mind changing with many educational ideas and youths problem based films. Some clips quality is low, we should not insult them rather we should appreciate their work as we should know that not all the students background is same. Some it's unbelievable with HD quality and interesting edition done. I was expecting some class to submit me animation as there were some students in the beginning who were asking me whether it's ok to submit that kind of clip also? But sadly there was non of that kind but you check out their edition it's marvelous.
After collecting all the videos i made it into a full length movie type where by its easy to watch. I have given linked the video below make sure you watch them from beginning to the end. The edition of compiling all the films into one and putting animation in between is done by me but the edition done in the film itself is done by the respected classes and before the film of the class begins I have even made a slide from which you will come to know which class's video it is...

To the students and also to the teachers please be reminded that the result will be declared on next Monday but the films will be shown to all of you in the Club Exhibition. If any of you want the film then you all will be given a copy and for that reason come with drive with minimum of 2GB size.

Please forgive me if there is any mistakes...
Non of the animals and people were harmed during the making of the films.

Enjoy watching: