Computer Addiction.

12th march 1997 was the day I let out my first cry on this earth. Both of my parents were watching me grow with so much hope and expectation. The gave me lots of love and care. I started my education in Nobding Lower Secondary School with lots of joy and fun. Every day I learned something new and made new friends. During that time I was the naughtiest kid in the school and also the brilliant one. Teachers guided me at schools and parents at home in whatever things that I was doing.

Our family moved to Wangdue so did I and I continued my education in Wangdue LSS. Things changed for me as everything was nw fo me. New teachers new friends and the environment. Even though that did not affect my studies. While studying in WLSS I met with many friends where some were drug addict some good in studies and others with different personalities and characters.

Unfortunately things begun to change for me from seventh grade when I had access to computer. For the first time in my school life I failed in half term. But forgetting all about that I studies hard and everything was same like before again. But that faliure really caught my attention when I reached 9th grade. I took IT in ninth grade and that thing really hampered my studies.

I was addicted to computer like taking a drug I could not sleep without using computer everyday. That became my routine. I never knew what I was doing in computer neither I learned programming nor web designing. Many people asked me what do I do when I am infront of computer but there was never an appropriate answer.

After all I even qualified in tenth grade when no one thought I would. And the reason is I was not that same kid as I was when I was young. Finally eleventh grade I took science stream and never knew that such a thing would happen with me were by I failed. That was the worse thing but I never gave up using computer. Today if you come to me with any problem regarding computer then be sure that It will be solved. Today he is in such a position that all the people he knows come to him for any problem that they have with their electronic gadjets.

Not only that  today if you go and met him he will remove any virus that have affected your computer without installing antivirus. So what do you think he is up to? He has a dream of learning all about computer starting form programming, web desigining, hardware engineering and chip desigining.

That was a story of one of the student who really loved using computer but was not that good in knowing what is more importance for him. Everyone loves doing things that they love but when we do things thAt is important to us then that should be done with love. Try it you will be shocked when you see the result.