Its been a long time since I haven't posted any article but today I want to tell the world all those things that I have been going through till now.

When I was in the school on 18th of December 2014 to get my result with my mother, I got last warning from the school. I am not saying that, that is wrong but that is the result of all those bad things that I have been doing since I joined the school. Even if I were in the shoes of my teachers I would have done the same things because what can a teacher do to the student who does not get on with the rules and never shows the sign of change after giving so many last chance?

On that day mom and me signed a paper that contained all the list of wrongs acts and things that I have been doing excepting that I will not conduct any wrong act further and if I do I will be happy to except the TC from the school.

Shortly after that my parents planned to make me take the tuition in the Pelkhil School in Thimphu for 12th grade. I did attend the tuition but I was not able to stay till the end because of some other domestic reason.

So I returned home after 15 days of tuition, on reaching home I tried to help my parents and meanwhile I learned so many things about life. So many questions started to strike my head after watching a Movie called The Theory of Everything. the movie was about Stephen Hawking and the he stated that we all came into these universe for a reason and when the right time comes we have to leave everything and leave, but where?

Not only that I have been asking these to myself "If god exist in real and if they created the universe then who created the God?" And if Science can prove that God does not exist then what can science tell us about the ghost? and other diseases that can only be cured by the means of religious ritual?

Is there an answer for all those questions above? For me i don't know because I have been trying to get the answers by myself and did not do any research on that. So if we all are born for a reason then why is it that not all the human are born in  same circumstances? Is there a reason for all these things? If yes then what is it?
If no then why not?
I have never got any answers to all these questions but I hope that I will find those things very soon and all the toppers of 12th and 10th grade of the year 2014 congratulation.
Keep up with you spirit and also to those who topped the 10th grade in 2013.
There is a reason for all these and if you think you wanna know'em then do keep in touch.