Stephen Hawking tried to prove that our universe started from a giant energy source called black hole, though I am not that sure whether what I am saying is true or not but in the movie called “Theory of Everything” which is about him he said that if we reverse back the time then we will be able to go back to the time when all the things including the start of the universe.

When anything starts at the beginning everything is new like when the school starts most of the students comes dressing with new uniform. But at the end of the school those uniform that they were wearing becomes old and that is same with everything like someone once stated, “A new day is a new beginning,” but evening is the end to that new beginning.

If some of you have the habit of sleeping for a long duration in morning then, try waking up early at around 5-6:00am for once. Then walk out of the house and go for a walk during that time don’t think about anything that have been happening with you but try to see things around you and if that is not working with you then try to imagine about your future how it is going to be? If you all can do what I am saying then I am sure that you will get something out of it because I cannot really explain what that feeling is.

Apart from all these lets talk about reversing the time, we know that with time things changes, if we were able to reverse back the time then we can get everything that we have lost in the past. But that is not possible rather we happen to loose even those things that belongs to us because there is no stop and reversing of time it just flows like a river that is flowing down the hill.

Sometimes odd incident happen in our day-to-day life like when something happens we feel like same incident have already happened before. I don’t know what other people feel about these but in my case I have concluded that we human being have the ability to see the future of our own. When I say these, many people will throw lots of questions and my answer is simple i.e. in the dream. Because those odd incidents that have happened with us are all those things that we have been seeing in the dream. But we did saw them in a dream and that too before the incident happened.

These is not a theory of anything rather these is something that I have concluded from my day-to-day life. Thanks for your time friends…!

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