I don't want to die, I want to live Forever.

Today I had a day off from the school and whole day I have been thinking about all those things that have been happening around the world. And now finally I got an answer and that is I want to help all those poor people around the world no matter what I will try my best to be that person that I am planing to be in the future. I will never give money to any organisation because I don't trust anyone at these moment except my mom and brother.

Why is it that we the human being are born in families with different finical background? Is there any answer? There might be but just don't think about the one that is related to fate or religious and don't even blame on the parents. Someone is born and we never know what that child will become in future and that child is meant to something but no one can stop that person from doing those things that he wish to do. Can anyone?

Guys I was also thinking about our classroom. I know that we the students past different studying material on the wall. But have anyone seen students taking keen interest in studying those things other then the one who have wrote it. In my case I never did saw any one but I did saw in a mass when the test and exams are held in the classroom. Why waste all those money if no one is studying and also those energy? why don't we preserve those money and give to those who cannot afford to  send their children to the school and even to those people who don't have money to eat another meal if they have for the one that they are eating right now? And save those energy to help those people who are tired or those who are in need but not those who are rich.

1. Stop smoking and give the money that you would have used in buying a cigarette to those who are     begging or the one who is in need of but not to those who are alcoholic.

2. Don't go to party rather give those money to poor people.

Have anyone ever thought how these world would have been if there is no poor people and all the people are of same class?

But forget the sadness that comes out of Desire, love, sex, money, passion and beauty.

Just think about all these thing people.

Login to your Facebook account and search for group that is related to help required for the poor people and fund raising page.

I was surprised about how hard to find one and even if you did compare that page with one of those page of rich peoples page or celebrity page. If you are not able to find any celebrity or rich peoples page then go for group about Love and other funny stuff. F*** them.

If there is any mistake then please do consider them.

Watch these video you might change your mind: