18th Birthday.

March 12th 1997 that was on Wednesday I was born, today it was my 18th birthday which means from now on I am considered as an adult. Till now I have never had my birthday celebrated and these year also it was the same but I was not happy like I use to be in my previous birthday. I don't know why was that but yesterday evening after 3 weeks since my school started I made up my mind to watch a movie over night.

When I was watching the movie something caught my attention and I looked out of my window and I was very thrilled to see that there were some of the boys in two groups trying to fight. After a while as I was watching the scene the cops came and they took all of those boys to the prison. That is how my day started. Even at that moment I was not finished with watching the movie.

I came back to my room from the balcony and was about to start watching the movie my dad came into my room and told me to sleep. Not only that he was saying that I am always the same not sleeping at night rather sleeping in the class at school, and all of these was untrue. Without any reason two of us quarreled with each other about the sleep meanwhile mom came into the room and asked him to go to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and it was different from other days though it was my birthday I felt unhappy but was not aware why? That day in the school I shared some chocolates with my friends and they tried to make me feel happy but non of'em succeeded.

Right now also I am not happy and today I did not even opened my bag after reaching home from the school. I am hoping that same kind of things won't happen with me again and not with others too. Now there is a problem and that is I want to make myself feel normal but the question is how am I going to do that when I am not aware of why I am SAD?