Ctrl+Z does not work in real Life.

Today it was my turn to deliver the speech in the morning assembly and I was fortunate that the language that I have to deliver was in English. Being the final year of my high school I thought of sharing my experiences of school life. From beginning I was preparing for my speech but I did not write it and I was filled with confident that I would be able to deliver the speech smoothly.

Yesterday evening I gave a second thought, even at that time some part of me told me to make a notes or write down the speech but I made my ego win that perception and did nothing. In the morning before the time of the speech I got nerves. Even at that time I had a courage to win my doubt about not being able to deliver the speech nicely.

Finally I was in front of all those students eager to hear whatever I was going to share and teachers who were there to see how well I would deliver the speech. I begun by wishing everyone good morning but at the same time I failed to introduce myself which was the simplest mistake after that when I was to share about anything that I wished to I failed and forgot everything that I have been planning since beginning.

Still then I did delivered the speech as if it was my first time and I was not able to share all those things that I wished to. After assembly some of my colics came to me and appreciated me saying that I delivered the speech nicely but something made me unhappy and that was not being able to share those things that I was thinking of. Now I realised that if I had written something in the form of notes then I would have been able to deliver it smoothly and apart from that I would not have regretted about it later on.

So if its your turn to do something and you are thinking that you can without taking notes or writing it down then better keep that confident aside and move on with taking a notes or writing it down on a piece of paper and move forward.