I am surprised with Myself.

It's been almost a year now as I have started blogging. We were in a club when our teacher Sir. Passang (Passu) taught us and shared his view about blogging. Since then I started blogging thinking that I might be albe to bring some changes in the community or to the readers who read my blog. Things did not happen like I thought it would be rather I misused the power of mine and I got into many silly troubles. When I realized what I was doing again I tried to improve myself but again these time I exposed everything about me to the public.

Though sharing everything about me to the public was not the problem but sometimes things that happen in family is not worth sharing still then without giving second thought I did shared everything. Finally these is the second time I have realized my mistakes and now I am not going to make it my third one and too all those readers who have been reading my post I would like to apologize for what I have written and said. I am repairing my mistakes but at the same time I am not going to delete my old post becasue all of them have a memories hidden in them for me so it is going to be a precious thing when I go back to my old post and read them.

There might be some of you thinking that I am writing these just to build up trust in readers but that is not true rather what I am writing right now is coming from what I am now.

Apart from all these I came to know that I have been creating lots of trouble and making mistakes till now and the reason behind is I alwasy thought that whatever I am doing is right without giving a second thought. Today I am a decent student doing what I am supposed to and what I am not suppose to. No matter what happens today starting from my next post I promise to all the people of the world that you all will be interested to read whatever I post and it would be meaningful without any mistakes.

Thanks for your time. It's worth it!