Learn from Mistake.

Today we gave welcome party to 11th grade students and that was fun but on the other side we missed our class because of the party,if the class was taken we would have learned so many things. Though that was not that big deal some other things happened with me too.

Sorry as I am not going to tell you all about the incident but I want to let all of you know what I have learned from that. I made a mistake yesterday and as you all should know that we learn lesson from mistakes that we make. "You know about these and if you are reading these then please don't mind for what I am sharing."

These type of things happen with all of us and that is when we are punished for our own mistake no matter what field, place, location or incident it is in, I am sure that non of us have the habit of thanking the one who is punishing us rather we get angry, hate, and insult him/her. We never realize that if that person would have let us go then we would have been making the same mistakes time and again.If we are punished for our mistakes then we won't make the same mistake another time,so better thank those who made you realize your mistakes.

All of us know about such thing but it is kept behind our head just to tell others when they are in the same situation.We never make use of those things in our case, so the best thing that we can do is bear the punishment and obey whatever he/she is asking you to do because that person is trying to make you change for things that you have done.

Lesson from what happened with me today. Thank you so much for the time that you took from me to hate you because I learned a new lesson from that time on and I am really really sorry for hating you from inside though I did not express that feeling from outside.

Learn from Mistake.