Decent Success.

It has been almost three years since I have not passed any exam and even last year after repeating 11th grade for second time I got C.P which is termed Consider Pass. That was funny because before my failure I was a topper. While on saying that I am concerned that most of you may think that I am saying it in order not to feel proud but thats not the thing.

Still then tomorrow I have an exam of NIIT and computer being my favourite subject I am confident that I can get through it. But on the other hand these year I have the bigger plan and hopes,same with that people want to see my progress so do you all have any idea what I am going to do?

While the thing is I just want to score pass mark not more than that and even if I can score more than required mark to pass I wont score more than 50. The reason is simple first I want to learn to pass and lose the fair of failing and after that it's time to top whatever the level is.

"Change is the best phenomenon of all Time"
-Chidananda Acharya