Sorry reader I am not in that mood of writing about My theory of Everything part 2 as my dad had an accident recently and I got to learn so many things about people staying in and around our us. Yesterday as usual I came home without attending the agriculture. I had some kind of odd feeling so I had no interest of staying there when the school was over. When I reached home I found out that the door was locked.

I asked my neighbour and he told me that he have the key and gave it me, I asked him whether he had any idea where my mom has been because as usual I thought dad would be at duty. He told me that she went some were and that was it. I went inside the house and saw all the lights were on and the house was in total mess. On seeing that I was worried so I picked up my phone and made a call to my mom when she said that she is going to a place named PACHKILO which is 5 Km away from the town and I asked her why while the news was shocking.

She told me that dad had an accident and she had admitted him in the hospital and she is going there to do things that she can with the car. As soon as I heard that I changed the dress and ran to the hospital and saw that dad was lying on a stretcher with bandaged over his head. On seeing him I was happy as he had no serious injuries so I stayed there for some time. After a while the doctor discharged him so I brought him back home.

Shocking Part was when I heard what actually happened after the accident. Dad's car had gone about 100m below the road and he was lucky to have no serious injuries and on top of that he somehow managed to walk and come in the road to ask for lift but no not all the people are good. Non of them helped him and at last one of the indian who worked in LNT gave him a lift and brought him hospital.

And today me and my brother went to the school, dad was taking rest and mom she went to bring the car back home but the problem was non helped her. Apart from that dad works in PHPA and she called some the the officials not sure whether it was in the office or some other place but she was fooled by one of the person saying that the crane had left, again after a while on calling back he said that it will reach there within a minute but at last there was two people came in a truck and took the picture of the car and send it to the one who was talking with mom the first time. After that the person called her and told her that that cannot be done with the bigger crane and even the smaller crane will not reach that down.

So here if he had to see where the car was why make a women talk here and there and make her wait in the dust of that high way between Wangdue and PHPA I dam and that too a single women? Not only that she have been taking fast every Friday that that too was today, but here I can understand that the person who fooled her did not knew these but I am sure that tomorrow I will also go there and see if there is any parts missing and if there is any then am not gonna let that person who fooled her lice that happily or I will make him pay for those parts because that is because of him.

Consider if there is any mistake.