My theory of everything (Part II).

What is it like to be in 12th grade after 13 years of schooling, is different for most of us. For some it's just to get into the collage that they have dreamed of going to but for some it means a lot. No matter what you do what you think of, 12th is not a joke. It decides what you are going to do the rest of your life apart from getting into the most renowned collage.

From the first day to the school most of us have been asked by numbers of teachers, friends and other people what is your ambition and our response was simple i.e Doctor, engineer, teacher and for some they never had an ambition rather they only wanted a simple job so that they can stay in their feet and help their parents when they grow up and live rest of the time happily.

How many of you adult who is reading these post right now have really thought about it when you were in 12th grade? How you preform in 12th grade defines whether you want to be a successful person in the future or loiter in the street searching for food or stay depended on parents for the rest of your life? If you all think that your parents money and property is enough then thats a shame on you because it would have been better for you if you have not been to school if your were thinking that your parents property would be enough for you and on top of that you won't last long because you will not know the pain that they have gone through while earning all those things.

Apart from all this think about the exam that you are going to attend in 12th grade its only going to last for 3 hours and that defines what you have learned in 12th grade but in the class when you are studying about the exam, that time you have to use all those knowledge that you have acquired till that moment from the first day to school. Still now if there is some of you thinking that exam is not right then better piss off because you have learned nothing. It's matter of time that you come to understand such thing.

Life is a journey that you walk each day and that defines what you are going to do the next day so it does not depend in faith rather is all about what you have done the previous day defines what happens the next day.

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