My Theory Of Everything (Part I).

Few days back when I was at school there was no teacher in one of the class, at the same time I had no work to be done as all of my assignment was up to date and the only thing that I could do at that time was to revise which I don’t like doing in the class and the other thing was I had 50 minutes to think, chat or sleep in the class. I chose to think and that too was about my school life, at present I am in 12th grade and I was going back to the time when I got admitted in the school which was about 14 years back as I repeated in 11th grade.

During that time I realised that time have passed so fast that now when I am thinking about all those things that I have done then there is only one thing that I have been doing regularly and that too was passing in each of the grades. I started my first day at school from grade PP which is 1 year lower then grade 1, which everyone does and now I am in the final year of my school life. Thinking about these sometimes I wonder if we all could live forever. No wonder we never try to think about such things and when we do then almost everything that we do and think of changes. Now after these I happen to look at things from the different angle and not only that I even started to try making every second of my life meaningful without wasting a single moment.

To be continued...